Monthly Wrap-up July 2022: SenseCAP M1 Anniversary, Contest Updates, Community Project, LoRaWAN Cases, Edge AI, and More

For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ve covered 4 exciting news, 7 amazing community-built-up projects, 5 new open-source module updates, 8 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, and 4 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed! Spoiler, we’ve also prepared a special section, where you’ll find everything you must know about Sensors right before you build your sensing projects.

Hey community,

How’s everything going? Like Shakespeare describe summer in Sonnet 18: “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” I guess you all spend a full and lovely summer as well as we did.

For this Monthly Wrap-up, we’ve covered 4 exciting news, 7 amazing community-built-up projects, 5 new open-source module updates, 8 IIoT solutions, and their application stories, and 4 scale-up projects manufactured by Seeed!

Spoiler, we’ve also prepared a special section, where you’ll find everything you must know about Sensors right before you build your sensing projects.

Now, are you ready to explore this wrap-up? Hope you’ll enjoy a good read.

📰News that You Might Wanna Know

01 Smart Village Workshop Recap: A Workshop to Digitalize Villages

In order to let Seeeders better understand how our products can be used in the villages, we organized an internal hands-on workshop centering around “Smart Village”. Using our SenseCAP series products as the hands-on tools, all the participants had an in-depth experience of applying the industrial products in meteorological monitoring. More details.


02 Helium Award Is Now Added to Seeed’s “IoT Into the Wild Contest” & Extended Deadline for Free Hardware Application!

We’re happy to announce that ‘Helium Award’ is now added to Seeed’s open source innovation contest – “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022”. Read more to join the contest here. During the past month, we’ve also announced the 2nd and 3rd batch hardware winners. By now, we have 22 FREE kits left for you to apply until August 11th. Do it now!


03 SenseCAP M1 Anniversary Week of Giveaways, Great Offers, and Discounts

It’s been 1 year since we shipped out our very first SenseCAP M1 in July 2021! We’re happy to announce our 1st Year Anniversary and to invite you to celebrate this very special moment with us with a SenseCAP Anniversary Week of gifts and giveaway campaigns, great offers, and discounts! Click to learn more.


04 Develop Your Grove Sensor with Seeed Fusion for a Chance to Win over $300 Cash Prize

To give back to our community and make your great ideas a reality, Seeed Fusion is now launching the Grove Sensor Co-brand Campaign to help engineers turn your Grove designs into real products that will be available on our official store. One more exciting news, all participants will get the chance to win over $300USD in cash prize by entering the campaign! More details.

🤳Community Project Spotlight

01 AEye: The artificial eye for your kitchen by Sashrika Das

AEye can be able to detect when your stove has been left unattended using Wio Terminal and thermal camera. Sashrika Das, a 6th-grade student, shares things that the project needs, her story, and her code with you. Learn more.

02 IoT Weather Data Logger Using Blues Wireless& Qubitro by Pradeep

This project guide will help you to build an IoT-based weather data logger using the Blues Wireless Notecard and Notecarrier. Click here to learn more about the Project details.

03 arachnophobe: a 30-key ergonomic keyboard by Sadek Baroudi

A 30-key ergonomic keyboard: * MX or Choc V1 switches with hot-swap * Any Seeed development board * Firmware in QMK / ZMK. Learn more.

04 Faulty Lithium Ion cell identification in BMS pack by Manivannan

A TinyML model using Edge Impulse and Wio Terminal to predict the faulty lithium ion cell in BMS pack. Project details.

05 TinyML Made Easy: Anomaly Detection & Motion Classification by Marcelo Rovai

Professor Marcelo Rovai, focusing on Physical Computing, IoT, ML, TinyML and Robotics, will lead all of you to explore Machine Learning on a giant tiny device, the Seeed XIAO BLE Sense. Project details.

06 Hand Exercises Classification on Wio-Terminal by Jaime Andres Rincon Arango

Jaime Andres Rincon Arango, Phd in informatics and research in multi-agent system, IoT, IoMT and artificial intelligence, will introduce you classification of rehabilitation exercises for people with arthritis. More details.

07 MiniFarm on reTerminal: Develop a Simple Farm Monitor & Water Management System

Written by Philip, a biomedical engineer and head of Intelligent Transport System(ITS) Projects, this article specifically shows how to develop a simple farm monitor and water management system on reTerminal. Project details.

🔨New Open-Source Modules & Updates

01 Voice Needed! Do you know XIAO ESP32C3 can CAN?

So, we are planning to combine XIAO ESP32C3 and CAN BUS, aiming at a cost-effective and compact prototyping kit or device. It could be as a tiny CAN analyzer, a CAN-to-MQTT data logger or we could add additional onboard sensors, etc. Do you think it is a good idea to meet your demand? Click to Read more.


02 Notice on Product Name Change: XIAO Series

Recently, we’ve noticed that the product names of the XIAO series might not be consistent enough, thus we’ve changed the product names of all XIAO series products. Click to take a look.


03 Join the TinyML Challenge 2022 to Create Smart Weather Stations to Win $8000 in Prizes

Seeed Studio is honored and happy to join the tinyML Challenge, where we’ll sponsor a SenseCAP S1000 10-in-1 Compact Weather Sensor with CO2 Measurement, and also offer all of our TinyML-native products at a special discount. Click to join now!

04 Seeed Studio XIAO Series community project WANTED

W’d like to regularly pick and share fun projects on our Seeed Studio SNS platforms to make your project more exposed to everyone. Feel interesting? Click to submit now.

05 XIAO RP2040 Free Shipping + Changes Of Small Parcel Limit

Starting from July, we offer free global shipping for XIAO RP2040 orders. As long as your order is less than $30, you can apply for free shipping to get your XIAO RP2040. Shop now!

🪒Special Section: Everything About Sensors

01 Common Mistakes When Using Soil Sensor

The soil moisture meter is widely used in agricultural research and planting guidance. But there are surprisingly many traps that can lead to wrong measurement readings. This article will discuss the error and solution through several points. Read more.

02 Soil Moisture: Why Important, What Challenges, How to Measure & More

Soil moisture is a significant condition for plant growth. In this article, we’ll take about the importance of monitoring soil moisture, what challenges do farmers face and how to measure soil moisture. Learn more.

03 Soil Electrical Conductivity(EC): What’s It, Why Important, How to Measure & More

Soil electrical conductivity (EC) is a metric of the salt content in the soil, it is an important indicator of soil health. Through this article, you will learn what’s it, why important, and how to measure & more. More details.

04 Top 10 Greenhouse Gardening Mistakes: How to Solve them by Using Soil and Air Sensors

Growing plants is no easy task, however, and the actual practice of growing plants in a greenhouse requires a bit of balance and skills. In this blog, let’s discuss the top 10 Greenhouse Gardening Mistakes and how to solve them by using different sensors. Read more.

05 Different Types of Soil Moisture Sensors

There are a variety of soil moisture sensors on the market. This article will walk you through how to differentiate various types of soil moisture sensors and choose the most suitable one. Learn more.

🌡IIoT Devices, Solutions & Their Success Cases

01 Have You Ever Seen A Pig Live Stream | IoT Application on Helium Network with SenseCAP S210X Series

To improve the well-being of the pigs, a technology solutions company for farmers in Netherlands Stal Data built up a smart pig barn project to monitor CO2 concentration, NH3 concentration, temperature, and humidity in pig barns. They deployed a Helium gateway and SenseCAP sensors to get data on the web and SenseCAP Mate App! The data will be shared through a live streaming platform for Long term remote monitoring and management. Read more.

02 SenseCAP S210x Series: Supported by Worldwide LoRaWAN Networks

SenseCAP S210x series is a brand-new series of environmental sensors that enable long-distance data acquisition via LoRaWAN. It’s compatible with multiple LoRaWAN network servers including SenseCAP Server, Helium Network Server, The Things Network Server, and ChirpStack. Click to have a look!

03 Unboxing & Assembly with SenseCAP Outdoor Enclosure

In this video, we are going to show you the unboxing of the product and how you can assemble the SenseCAP Outdoor Enclosure with the SenseCAP M1 Hotspot. Hope this video is helpful for you to expand your IoT application to the outdoor, off-grid area. More details.

04 Edge AI at the Farm: Precise Livestock Management Helps Farmers Optimize Livestock Productivity

Precise breeding is necessary to improve productivity, but it is difficult to achieve due to human workload constraints. Inflow a deep-tech startup that focuses on computer vision solutions aims to alleviate this problem with on-site cameras and Seeed’s reComputer edge AI devices. More details.

05 Meet Techie: on-demand autonomous delivery robot built with reComputer J2012 powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

Techie, powered by reComputer J2012, is a smart navigation delivery robot built by Azimorph, seeking to eliminate the need for door-to-door deliveries. The robot would navigate its way toward the consumer’s house according to the time selected by the consumer beforehand. More details to read.

06 NLP simplifies industrial communications and improves manufacturing productivity

Malamute uses NLP and spatial computing to help improve workplace productivity and process traceability. Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin and AGX Xavier and NVIDIA Riva, Malamute’s AI-layered audio communication network empowers industrial workers with the right data at the right time. Learn more.

07 Monitor the Security NVR Cameras with Frigate

Frigate is a complete open source and local NVR designed for Home Assistant with AI-powered object detection. It uses OpenCV and Tensorflow to perform real-time object detection locally for IP cameras. Frigate brings a rich set of features including video recording, re-streaming, motion detection, and supports multiprocessing. Click to learn more.

08 MLOPs Enables Easy Sustainable Recycling at the Edge

Teknoir, offering MLOps platform and AI solution company, has been working with Seeed’s reComputer J2011 and reTerminal, with their no-code Dev Studio for industry 4.0 applications such as workers’ safety, manufacturing of workforce optimization, and preventative maintenance and smart city of recycling materials detection. Read more.

⛑Manufacturing with Seeed

01 Behind the Scenes of SenseCAP M2 LoRaWAN Gateway: Reliability Testing

Today, we’ll focus on the DVT (Design Validation Test) phase in the product development, and look into how reliable the SenseCAP M2 is for all IoT projects on Helium, The Things Network, and more LoRaWAN-based networks. Click to check more details.


02 Loko-The Tiniest GPS Tracker with Built-In Wio-E5 Module Can Track Any Wild Animals and Drones

Loko is the tiniest GPS tracker with built in LoRa|LoraWAN radio transmitter, based on Seeed Wio-E5 module. It’s designed to track important instruments/vehicles like drones, expensive equipment, even wildlife and farm animals. Click to learn how the Loko is scaled up with Seeed Fusion services.More details.


03 Custom Firmware Flashing Service for 14 Seeed Products: One Piece for Free

In order to meet the personalized needs of various enterprises and customers, Seeed Fusion ODM is sponsoring 1 piece of free firmware flashing for 14 existing Seeed products. Click to read more.


04 Join Seeed Fusion’s DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest to Win $1000 Coupons & Seeed XIAO Pillows in Prizes

To encourage more individual keyboard designers and business users to customize their mechanical keyboards, Seeed Studio Fusion has launched the DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest based on the Xiao series. Read more to join the contest here.

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!


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