Wrap-up for June: What a Fulfilled Month of Contest, Edge AI, LoRaWAN and Open Manufacturing

So, for this post, we’ve prepared you 1 must-not-miss contest, 2 new products, 4 exciting news, 4 highlighted community projects, 6 Edge AI solutions and cases, and also 3 manufacturing tips (including how we mass-produced the SenseCAP M2)!

Hello community, and welcome back to another monthly wrap-up here at Seeed! As the title of this post states, we have a pretty fulfilled assortment of updates, products, and more this month that offer a big picture of what happened at Seeed in June to a great many people.

So, for this post, we’ve prepared you 1 must-not-miss contest, 2 new products, 4 exciting news, 4 highlighted community projects, 6 Edge AI solutions and cases, and also 3 manufacturing tips (including how we mass-produced the SenseCAP M2)! 

Have a good read now!

📰 News that You Might Wanna Know

01 Join Seeed’s “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” on Hackster to Get 100 Free Hardware and to Win $14,000+ in Prizes

Together with Hackster.io, we are very happy to jointly organize “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Plant 2022”. We hope that open tech can lay an important foundation for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Through the contest, we hope to encourage more applicable, scalable, plug-and-play, and easy-to-deploy AIoT solutions to solve real-life challenges in the wild. Read more to join the contest here. We’ve also announced the 1st batch of 27 hardware winners, click to check it out.

02 Seeed and NVIDIA Announce Collaborations in NVIDIA Inception Program in China

Seeed Studio and Nvidia Inception started their common journey as partners. Centering around the Seeed for NVIDIA Inception Edge AI Incubation Pack and NVIDIA Inception & Seeed Hardware Product Trial Center, the two parties will be working together to offer hardware devices, customization & manufacturing, product trial, and other services for NVIDIA Inception member startups in China, with the aim to nature startups to leverage their AI solutions to digitalize the industries. Learn more. 

03 Seeed Studio at Consensus & Helium House 2022

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Hey community, we were honored and excited to speak and participate in the amazing gatherings of the Consensus 2022 and Helium House ATX. At the Consensus Foundations Helium section at Consensus 2022, Violet Su, Sales Consultant at Seeed Studio, was invited to share Seeed’s SenseCAP IoT sensors and hardware solutions for the Peoples Network! Right after that day at the Helium House ATX, we’re so happy to gather with the community in Austin to celebrate the achievements in the Helium Community! While Helium is growing to a new stage of building the network of networks, which is exciting and promising, Amir Haleem, CEO & Founder of Helium and Nova Labs mentioned that “IoT does not go away from us, we have no intention of leaving LoRaWAN behind” in his speech. And he also encouraged participants to check out the IoT applications installed on the rooftop garden which features SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors and weather stations! Meanwhile, there was a collection of Helium hotspots displayed on-site, including SenseCAP M1 and M2 gateways, with a special NFT edition. (Will we make an NFT edition for SenseCAP M2? Maybe:)  Click here to learn more about the SenseCAP LoRaWAN Sensor Nodes. Click here to follow us on Twitter to see more pictures.


04 Introducing Seeed Project Hub, a Platform to Show off Your Projects and Get up to $300 Award

We brought some exciting changes to our Project Hub on Hackster, where you’re invited to show off your Seeed powered projects. We’ll also select 4 projects directly from our Project Hub to run the Seeed Project of the Month Campaign at the end of each month. For those projects that make them to the candidate projects of the upcoming campaigns, we’ll award the project creators a Seeed coupon of $100. Meanwhile, the winner of the Project of the Month can get an extra $200 coupon! Learn more.

04 Seeed Provides TinyML Starter Kits and AIoT Trainings for ICTP’s “Asian Regional Workshop on Scientific Use of Machine Learning on Low-Power Devices”

Seeed is happy to sponsor TinyML Starter Kits, and provide free online AIoT trainings for “Asian Regional Workshop on SciTinyML: Scientific Use of Machine Learning on Low-Power Devices”, which is organized by the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. More details. 

🤖️ Community Project Spotlight

01: XIAO RP2040 18 Key Numpad by Scrapyardelectric

Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 18 Key Numpad

A minimalist 18-key Numpad using the Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040, a single analog pin, and room for expansion! Project details.

02 CUDA Accelerated Drone Platform by Andrew Brahim

CUDA Accelerated Drone Platform

CUDA accelerated application working in conjunction with PX4 firmware, through ROS2 and FastDDS or MAVROS. Project details.

03 DISCIPLINE – A workout timer by Rui Wang

DISCIPLINE - A workout timer

Discipline is a DIY timer that helps you strictly control interval rest during muscle training. Click here to learn more about the Project details.

04 A low-cost Arduino-controlled growth chamber by Antonio Ruiz

A low-cost arduino-controlled growth chamber

An Arduino-controlled growth chamber, that allows the control of different environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, light). Project details.

05 Want to Get Your Project Selected as a Project Spotlight and Win up to $300?

To encourage more people to share your amazing projects, we are now also calling for candidate projects to run the Project of the Month-July campaign! We will choose our 4 favorite projects from our Hackster Project Hub as the candidate projects, which will be selected as the Project Spotlight in Seeed Monthly at the end of July. Each of the candidates will get a $100 coupon and the winner can get another $200 coupon! Learn more details here.

🔨 New Open-Source Modules & Updates

01 A sense of engagement, Seeed builds the Wio-E5 CAN Development Kit together with the community

We received valuable feedback regarding the design of the vehicle monitoring device based on a Seeed Wio-E5 and CAN Bus from our community. Want to learn how we developed this product together with the community? Here is the story.

02 Top 10 Real-World Machine Learning Projects for Beginners to Try in 2022

Emerging technologies are being incorporated into machine learning and deep learning techniques along with the advancement of artificial intelligence(AI). More and more people are running machine learning models on small, low-power microcontrollers and incorporating them into projects. In this post, we’re introducing you to the best real-world machine learning projects for beginners to try in 2022. Read it here. 

03 Voice Needed! Ready for a Wio-E5 & ESP32 Powered WiLoBlIno Device?

Hey community, we need your voices again!! We and Black Device’s Chief Technology Officer Antonio Cotos Facal are collaborating to design a WiLoBlIno Device based on a Seeed Wio-E5 and ESP32. WiLoBlIno, it comes to be a rapid prototyping board for IoT, education, and makers. Seeed’s Wio-E5 provides the base for Long Rang communication, ESP32 provides WiFi, and BLE. Now, we need your valuable input and feedback. More details here. 


💻 IIoT Devices, Solutions & Their Success Cases 

01 EdgeAI2Wild: Integrate BlueROV-2 with NVIDIA Jetson for An Affordable Under-ice Sensing ROV

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are a very promising tool to obtain high-resolution spatial coverage of small-scale biogeochemical processes under the ice. From 2020, Smart Ocean Systems Laboratory from the University of Rhode Island is working on the project of Navigating Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) at the Ice-water Boundary. The under-ice ROV was developed based on the BlueROV-2 platform as a testbed because BlueROV comes with open-source control software and user interface software. the system integrated Seeed’s mini PC powered by NVIDIA Jetson NX Xavier to interface with all the add-on sensors using the Robotic Operating System (ROS) middleware. More details. 

02 Retail Store Items Detection using YOLOv5, Roboflow, and Node-RED

How does a supermarket keep track of the inventory of items? Usually, the data is stored in a database and when a product is bought by a customer, the inventory gets updated. This blog illustrates a better solution for keeping track of the inventory of items using machine vision. If a shelf is missing an item, the system can notify the people in charge of inventory and update the status in real-time. Read here. 

03 No-code AI: Deploy An Edge AI Application without Code

No-code AI helps democratize artificial intelligence. It usually refers no-code development platform that can help deploy AI and machine learning models using a visual, no-code, drag-and-drop, click-to-deploy interface. In this post, we’ll walk through you a bunch of no-code AI tools. How to do data acquisition, annotating, and augmenting with no-code AI tools will be also covered with application demos. Read more. 

04 Robot Security Guard Patrols Hong Kong Parking Lot using Seeed Edge AI devices

Patrol Robot is a new milestone in the development of security systems – an emerging stage of technological development that has brought the industry to a new standard of best practices for safeguarding people and property. Armitage’s Patrol Robot solution brings 24/7 peace of mind to Hong Kong’s underground parking lot. The patrol robots have been integrated with Seeed’s reComputer J2011, comes with carrier boards and NVIDIA Jetson NX module, and fully automatic robotic security guards without operator supervision. More to read. 


05 Important Update of SenseCAP Hotspot App – Alert Setting, Message Center, and Wallet Notifications

The new version of the SenseCAP Hotspot App, the SenseCAP v2.1.0, has been released! This update will bring the Alert Setting, Message Center, and Wallet Notifications for getting the latest news about hotspots and SenseCAP. Learn more here. 


06 Off-Grid Applications of the SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Gateway

We’ve invited a SenseCAP M1 owner mfaith#4970, who is the holder of the Helium hotspot that has been ranked in the top 50 highest rewards hotspots worldwide several times, to share his off-grid setup of the SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Gateway. Learn more here. 

🏭 Manufacturing with Seeed

01 Behind the Scenes of SenseCAP M2 LoRaWAN Gateway: Performance Testing

Since the launch of SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Gateway in July 2021, we got lots of positive feedback from the SenseCAP owners about its outstanding performances. We’re currently manufacturing the new version of LoRaWAN Gateway SenseCAP M2, so today let’s shed the light on the long-waited product and dive into how we leveraged its performance and how carried out the performance testing for this device. Check out the test results here. 

02 Behind the Scenes of SenseCAP M2 LoRaWAN Gateway: Reliability Testing

Since we published the 1st entry on how we carried out the performance testing of SenseCAP M2, we got lots of comments asking for updates! Today, we’ll still focus on the Design Validation Testvphase in the product development, and look into how reliable the SenseCAP M2 is for all IoT projects on HeliumThe Things Network, and more LoRaWAN-based networks! Check out for more here. 

03 Beat the chip shortage with Seeed Fusion and Seeed products

Amidst the global semiconductor shortage, product developers, supply managers and enthusiasts have had to get creative to keep sowing the seeds of innovation until supply can catch up with demand. As a strong advocate to the IoT movement and IoT hardware solutions provider, Seeed Fusion is no stranger to shortages and the potential workarounds. In this article, we look at some of the ways product developers can bypass the shortage until supplies eventually recover. Read more here. 

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedIn, Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!


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