Robot Security Guard Patrols Hong Kong Parking Lot using Seeed Edge AI devices

Security Guards and robots: perfect security team

Will robots one day completely “take over” human guards’ responsibilities? In fact, robots will enhance the productivity most productive when they work alongside people. From control engineering:” Collaborative robot growth remains strong worldwide and China will be shipping more than 50% of the robots by 2023”. To tie in with Hong Kong Government’s policy to actively promote the development of “Smart City”, more and more public utilities plan and make use of “Patrol Robot” in order to enhance operational efficiency and surveillance level as well as security.

Patrol Robot is a new milestone in the development of security systems – an emerging stage of technological development that has brought the industry to a new standard of best practices for safeguarding people and property. Autonomous mobile robots designed for patrolling could reduce, over time, completely eliminate the need for human workers to keep large facilities safe. Collaborative robots can help human guards to be more effective, providing the highest level of security at a moderate cost that is much lower than the wages of employees and enhancing real-time responsiveness.

Armitage’s Patrol Robot solution brings 24/7 peace of mind to Hong Kong’s underground parking lot. The patrol robots have been integrated with Seeed’s reComputer J2011, comes with carrier boards and NVIDIA Jetson NX module, and fully automatic robotic security guards without operator supervision. 

Seeed carrier board for Jetson Xavier NX

One robot with multiple detecting and alarming systems, real-time operation at the edge. 

License Plate Recognition System (LPRS) can detect: 

  • Number of occupied bays for calculating parking lot occupancy
  • Parked vehicle license plate for calculating the cost 

180° rotary camera: 

  • Operate 24/7 with 360-degree view for every blink spot. 
  • Facial recognition, people counting

Thermal camera and bi-spectrum camera can detect:

  • Line Crossing, intrusion, entrance/exit
  • Temperature exception
  • Fire, smoke
  • Abonormal noise 

Patrol routes can be preset or determined autonomously, and through real-time computer vision inferencing, the robot will send images or alerts to the control center if it detects an abnormal or suspicious situation. The collected data is also uploaded to the cloud for later investigation by security or law enforcement officers.

Why need a patrol robot?

  • ​​Reliable 24/7 security monitoring, day or night, in any weather.
  • Capable of identifying various types of objects/situations.
  • Real-time video and transmission.
  • Significant savings in manpower and filling the loophole after staff’s patrol each time.
  • Reduced driving, walking, idling, and unnecessary effort in finding a space.
  • A variety of useful data is uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting.
  • Built-in algorithms enrich the objects/situations detecting. 

“Seeed’s hardware service enhances our A.I. technologies & AIoT solutions, and also facilitates us to make continuous contribution and innovation to “Smart City” development.”

Mr. Alvin Lee, Chief Executive Officer at Armitage

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