Accelerate computer vision at the edge with alwaysAI® and Seeed’s edge devices

In the April, we began our cooperation with alwaysAI as a hardware partner for NVIDIA® Jetson™ powered devices. alwaysAI makes it easy to deploy CV models on Jetson™ devices. We are glad to partner with alwaysAI together to launch this One-year Subscription for Computer Vision Accelerated Edge Deployment for Developers.This subscription allows AI enterprise developers fast build up robust custom models and deployed them at the edge.

One-year Subscription for Computer Vision Accelerated Edge Deployment for Developers.

Developers and enterprises are dealing with unreasonable computer vision timelines and difficulty in deploying production applications to IoT devices. This revolutionary new approach will help millions of developers and their companies create computer vision applications that’ll work seamlessly on their IoT devices, such as Seeed Studio’s reComputer of Jetson seriesDevelopers can add the alwaysAI runtime engine and deployment capabilities when purchasing their IoT devices to deploy their computer vision solutions faster than ever.

“Accelerating deployment of computer vision applications on IoT devices will set developers and companies up to be able to scale their CV applications much faster,” said Steve Griset, CTO & Co-Founder of alwaysAI. “We are excited to be able to partner with an innovative company like Seeed Studio to bring the power of computer vision to millions of developers worldwide.”

The integrated alwaysAI solution will allow developers to use 130+ pre-trained models, optimized model training for NVIDIA Jetson devices, and seamless deployment capabilities. alwaysAI and Seeed Studio are focused on enabling computer vision deployment at scale for developers around the world to improve their businesses and understand what is happening in the physical world, in real time. “This partnership brings enterprise developers an easier, faster, and more effective way to create CV applications, and deploy them onto the edge remotely in scale,” said Eric Pan, CEO and Founder at Seeed Studio. “alwaysAI’s extensive Python APIs and real-time analytics are also ready for a customized solution.”

In just 3 steps you can build and launch a computer vision application with the alwaysAI computer vision platform and Seeed’s edge devices.

  1. fast train a model
  2. low code API build CV application
  3. quickly deploy at the edge 

Let’s quickly go over what is included in this one year subscription

Model Development 

  • 130+ FREE Pre-trained AI Models. Learn more at alwaysAI Model Catalog.
  • Fast custom model training between 1-10 hours based on transfer learning on popular algorithms (YOLO by alwaysAI and MobileNetSSD)Push-button model training 
  • OTA model updating 

Computer Vision Application Development

  • Robust and tested extensive Python APIs
  • Object Tracking & Identification IP
  • 80+ AI starter applications
  • Share your projects collborate within the team! 

Edge Development 

  • Remote device deployment 
  • Acceleration optimization(NVIDIA Jetson, Intel, etc) 

Real-time analytics

  • Integrated analytics with AWD, On-Prem Servers, BI Tools 
  • Push Events in Real-Time
  • Monitor Detection streams in real time 

Production Mode also allows customers to:

  • Publish analytics to the Cloud
  • Run the application in offline mode
  • Auto-start the application on boot
  • and More

About alwaysAI®
alwaysAI® provides developers and enterprises a comprehensive platform for building, training, deploying, and managing computer vision applications on IoT devices. We make computer vision come alive on the edge – where work and life happen. Schedule a free demo now to start transforming your business with alwaysAI

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