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alwaysAI Accelerated Edge Deployment for Developers: One-year Subscription for Computer Vision

Accelerate your computer vision deployments with the alwaysAI one-year subscription, simplify your next computer vision product development by accessing the alwaysAI cloud training platform with rapid computer vision model training with the push of a button, and easily deploy on the edge device easily in scale.

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Developers and enterprises are dealing with unreasonable computer vision timelines and difficulty in deploying production applications to edge devices. Let us introduce alwaysAI, an end-to-end computer vision training and deploying platform aiming for helping developers and companies fast and effectively create computer vision applications.

You can train a brand new custom model just in hours, or you can even use choose one of 130+ pre-trained models from the always dashboard, deploy it to an edge device of reComputer of Jetson, and build a computer vision application within minutes! alwaysAI removes barriers to machine learning expertise requirements and makes creating computer vision apps easy, fast and effective.


Rapid model training with the push of a button

  • Fast custom model training between 1-10 hours based on transfer learning on popular algorithms (YOLO by alwaysAI and MobileNetSSD)
  • Access to more than 130 pre-trained computer vision models. Learn more at alwaysAI Model Catalog.

Easy Edge Deployment

Enables application prototyping and testing on development boards or a wide variety of production-ready edge devices including NVIDIA Jetson. These apps can also be updated and models retrained while in production.

  • Deployment Engine: OTA containerization and device monitoring in production mode
  • Run the application in offline mode
  • Auto-start the application on boot

Extensive Python APIs, Customize Application

Leverage a powerful library of Python APIs to customize your computer vision application. These APIs serve as an intermediate layer between machine learning models and computer vision applications and provide everything needed to build a basic computer vision application.

Real-time Analytics

Computer vision provides immediate insights. Business happens on the edge, now you can capture more information in real-time, visualize it, and act on it with the alwaysAI framework to increase ROI. You can publish real-time analytics to platforms such as Data Lakes and BI tools for further data visualization.

Easy collaboration and premium support

  • Support project collaboration and model sharing
  • Premium support guaranteed SLA, and professional services are available

After purchasing your subscription, you’ll receive an activation key within 1 business day in your email inbox. For questions about the alwaysAI Platform, schedule a demo with an AI Expert to solve your business problem.

Low-code APIs and starter apps

alwaysAI has 85+ existing applications ready to be deployed for advanced use cases

  • Real-time Object Detector and Tracker
  • Real-time Person Detector and Counter
  • Distance Detector
  • Security Camera with Real-time Person Detection, Snapshotting, and Alerts
  • Thermal Imaging with Object Detection
  • QR-Code and AprilTag Reader
  • Barcode Reader
  • License Plate Detector
  • Virtual Green Screen
  • Image Capture Dashboard
  • Face Detector and Counter
  • Posture Corrector
  • And more…

Use Cases

alwaysAI applications solve a wide variety of use cases and can be customized to solve your use case.

Retail and QSR

Retailers and quick service restaurants are always looking for ways to improve customer experience.

  • Analyzing store traffic – CV can track traffic throughout a restaurant, noting trends and peaks.
  • Minimizing wait times – Customers expect to quickly order and receive their food at quick service restaurants. For example, if a drive-thru is backed up, personnel can be moved around to help out.
  • Maintaining the dining area - CV applications trained to detect objects like trays, cups, wrappers, and food boxes can identify when trash has been left at tables or when trays are stacking up. An alert can be set so that if waste items have been left for longer than 30 seconds, staff are alerted to check the dining room.
  • Highlight areas of importance - with alwaysAI Zones API you can strategically place products in high-trafficked areas

alwaysAI Zones API allows retail customers to highlight areas of importance that they want to learn more about, for instance, “How many customers are looking at our front product displays and how long do they stay there?”


alwaysAI is deploying applications in construction to help assess the real-time progress of construction projects as well as track safety through personal protective equipment monitoring such as hardhats, safety glasses, and reflective vests.


Using alwaysAI object detection applications deployed on embedded IoT devices, you can gain insights into the vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist analytics. As well as passenger analytics such as: how many customers are in the bus, vehicle, or shuttle and how many are waiting at a stop to board.

alwaysAI is an essential computer vision development platform for creating and deploying machine learning applications on edge devices. alwaysAI fundamentally simplifies the way developers create and deploy CV applications. alwaysAI one-year subscription for computer vision will simplify your computer vision product development by rapid computer vision model training with the push of a button and access to deployment capabilities with 1 production device deployment for a year. Schedule a free demo with alwaysAI: boost your business ROI by fast building custom computer vision applications onto Seeed's NVIDIA Jetson-powered devices.

1-year subscription activation features list:

  • Access to deployment capabilities with 1 production device deployment for a year
  • 20 Hours of alwaysAI Cloud model training 
  • 30 days access to alwaysAI Cloud Dataset Storage

Production Mode allows developers to:

  • Publish analytics to the Cloud
  • Run the application in offline mode
  • Publish real-time analytics to platforms such as Data Lakes and BI tools for further data visualization. 
  • Auto-start the application on boot


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