Introducing reTerminal DM: The Integrated Device Master You’ve Been Waiting For


We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Raspberry Pi CM4-powered HMI deivce – reTerminal DM, in our 2023 Product Launch Event and Embedded World a few days ago!


This new solution is designed to address the common challenge of managing distributed digital systems. Think about this: instead of overwhelming SKU and spec in traditional automation edge devices, what would be the default option to consider? reTerminal DM is the answer.

As you may have known, it is a consolidated HMI/IIoT Gateway/PLC/Panel PC all-in-one device with many hats, and cost efficient enough to dedicate as any one of them. You don’t need to master any programming language, but with low code programming methods such as Node-RED for event-driven applications.


It’s rugged design make it ideal for harsh working environment, hybrid connectivity capabilities enable it to communicate within the system from common BUS to 5G. Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 8GB RAM and 32GB eMMC and designed with flexible PCIe, reTerminal DM is open source from hardware to software, and customizations and commercial derivatives are welcome.


Whether you’re struggling with managing distributed onsite devices, or looking for a more efficient, powerful, and cost-effective HMI to monitor and display data in industrial scenarios such as production automation, water treatment, energy management, and smart business, reTerminal DM is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Feedback from Our Product Launch Event & Embedded World Exhibition

Thousands of audiences have participated in our annual product launch event, and more than 60% of them are interested in our reTerminal DM, cheers to all support us!


But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our potential customers have to say about reTerminal DM:

The reTerminal DM looks nice. Like having the integrated PCIe slot.

…with Node-RED, excellent choice!

That’s insane 8GB RAM 32GB eMMC RPI CM4 and Bigger Screen!

The reTerminal DM looks so hot. Vesa mount, hiden connectors. It can be used for home and industrial automation.”

“The reterminal DM looks great for the sensor station I’m building, POE is perfect for powering it.”


Pricing & Availability

Interested in reTerminal DM? We’re offering an early bird price of $399 before the end of this March. You can purchase it from our online store, and we will start shipping at the end of this April. Link for purchase: reTerminal DM

What You Should Expect Next?

The reTerminal DM marks another milestone for us in the industrialization of Raspberry Pi devices. Compared to our previous product offerings, this product is more compliant with industry standards, has more diverse interfaces, a larger screen for improved interaction, and boasts increased software support for faster and easier development.


From now on, we will keep enriching contents for this product, including but not limited to:

  • [Knowledge Base] Why Node-Red in Industrial IoT? HMI – the future maintream of Industry 4.0; Why Raspberry Pi for Industry?
  • [Product Manual] Electrical Parameters, Installation Guidance, How to flash the device
  • [Courses] How to run Node-Red on reTerminal DM
  • [Success Case] reTerminal DM in smart business, medical care, production automation, and more


Have any questions or ideas for our future content for reTerminal DM? Any feedback regarding the product itself? We’re all ears! Drop your suggestions in the comment section and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

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