Seeed Monthly: November Comes to an End

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As time flies, we’re now officially in the last month of 2022! To get you an overall filled-in of what happened in November, here comes the wrap-up for November.


For this post, I’ll walk you through 3 exciting news, 6 case studies (of smart agriculture, AMRs, air monitoring, 3D machine vision and more), 2 tech for good, 3 wikis & how-to, 4 community project spotlight, 2 ways of how you can co-create and scale up your projects with Seeed. Spoiler, a lot of ESPHome and Home Assistant related goodies!


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News that You Shouldn't Miss

01 NEW Product: Raspberry Pi CM4 Powered Industrial Edge Controller EdgeBox-RPi-200

Meet EdgeBox-RPi-200 series, a collection of all-in-one Raspberry Pi-based industrial edge computing controllers, combining multiple industrial purposes. It is equipped with up to 4GB RAM and 32GB eMMC for various requirements. Learn more here.

02 Free Shipping for Orders with 3 Items Or More from Overseas Warehouse! 

In order to further optimize our customer service, we want to provide a new free shipping service for customers who place orders from our overseas warehouses (US, UK and EU) from now on — Free shipping on orders of 3 items or more, applicable to all products in overseas warehouses. Learn more here.

03 NEW Release: Raspberry Pi Powered Industrial Edge Controller EdgeLogix RPI-1000

To expand our Raspberry Pi product ecosystem, we’ve launched EdgeLogix-RPI-1000, a Raspberry Pi-based industrial controller capable of all-in-one application scenarios. Designed with intensive IO ports and delicate modules mounted on board, it also supports extensive industrial bus protocols, and equip with cloud services support to show wireless capabilities. Learn more here.

Case Studies: Smart Agriculture, AMRs, Air Monitoring, 3D Machine Vision and More

01 Portugal Smart Vineyard: Reducing 15% Water Consumption with SenseCAP LoRaWAN Solution

SenseCAP IoT Wireless devices collects and monitors real-time data (light intensity, soil moisture and temperature), which is sent to Quinta do Bouro’s Smart Vineyard cloud platform via Helium LoRaWAN network to improve the Machine Learning Algorithm for Sustainable farming. By collecting data and improving algorithms, Quinta do Bouro’s Smart Agriculture project enables farmers to make more accurate decisions in response to climate and environmental changes, tackling a range of problems such as water waste and overuse of fertilizer. Learn more here.

02 Jetson-Powered Robot Iroi and Patrovor Integrated with 1:N Simultaneous Monitoring for Security

Warehouses, logistical companies, agriculture businesses, healthcare institutions and even households are all turning to autonomous mobile robots to improve operational efficiency, enhance speed, ensure precision, and increase safety. For this post, let’s shed the light on one member in our Edge AI Ecosystem Dogugonggan and how they apply our Edge AI devices to build their indoor and outdoor AMRs: Iroi and Patrovor. Learn more here.

03 OpenAirMonitor — Measuring Particulates, Humidity and Temperature in UK with Wio-E5 and Seeed Fusion

Gerrit Niezen realized the seriousness of the environmental problem early on and built 3 versions in total of his solar-powered outdoor air quality monitor that transmits air quality data over LoRaWAN and Bluetooth. Seeed’s Fusion PCB assembly service  has been chosen to manufacture both the second and third revisions of the Wio-E5 based hardware. Learn more here.

04 DexForce Scales up its NVIDIA Jetson-Powered 3D Camera with Seeed Fusion PCBA

Xema, is a NVIDIA Jetson Nano module powered Open source industrial 3D camera designed by Dexforce, a start-up AI company focusing on 3D machine vision. We’re glad to share that Seeed Fusion provides Dexforce team with delicate manufacturing advice from 0.1 to 1. Power-efficient with a compact form factor, Jetson Modules brings accelerated AI performance to the Edge. Learn more here.

05 A LoRa® Navigation System based on Seeed Wio-e5 and Fusion PCBA

With the help of the Seeed Fusion PCBA service, Addepalli Dolendra Vikas has designed a LoRa® communicator prototype called “directMessage” to tackle problems of information security and communication privacy. More to read.

06 Anchoring with Peace of Mind – A LoRa® Boat Monitoring System based on Seeed Wio-E5

Sponsored by the Seeed Fusion Power-up PCBA service, Thanos Pelekoudas is able to build a LoRa® monitoring system with the Seeed Studio Wio-E5 wireless module that keeps track of boats’ certain conditions remotely. Learn more here.

Tech for Good

01 DinoCon 3 in Sri Lanka: Seeed Facilitated an AIoT2Wild Workshop and Hands-on Project Using SenseCAP K1100 Kit for Smart Luffa Farming!

From July 10th to 20th, Seeed’s Field Application Engineer, Lakshantha Dissanayake went to Sri Lanka for an on-site event called ‘Dinacon 3’ – an event focused on wild hacking for nature. We’re happy to have supported Lakshantha’s trip to the event, as well as sponsored 6 units of SenseCAP K1100 Kits, and 1 unit of SenseCAP M2 Data-Only LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway for 15 workshop participants and his smart luffa farming project. More to read.

002 GOSH 2022 in Panama: Seeed Organized AIoT2Wild and Custom Electronic Design Workshops Using SenseCAP K1100 Kit!

During October 26-29th, the 4th edition of Gathering for Open Science Hardware was held in Panama. Seeed’s Field Application Engineer joined the event on-site to organize 2 hands-on workshops on using SenseCAP K1100 Kit for environmental and wildlife conservation scenarios. On this background, we’re happy to have supported Mario’s trip to the event, as well as sponsored 11 units of SenseCAP K1100 Kit for his workshop participants. More to read.

Tech Tree

01 How Matter Will Transform Your Smart Home?

A few weeks ago, Matter was announced and now it has become the talk of the town in the Smart Home world. Let’s dive deep into what the fuzz is all about and whether it really matters to use Matter! More to read.

02 Selection Guide of Grove Temp & Hum Sensor for ESPHome!

In this blog, we are going to dive deeper into these temperature and humidity sensors and provide a selection guide for you to find the most suitable one. More to read.

Wiki & How To

01 Tango with Home Assistant and SenseCAP Sensors

Tango with Home Assistant and SenseCAP Sensors

Home Assistant is one of the best platforms to build a fully customized smart home ecosystem, integrating mainstream devices and setting automation rules to make your home a better and smarter place. In this article, I will share how I build a decent smart home in Home Assistant and integrate SenseCAP LoRaWAN sensors into the application.  More to read.

02 Deploying Home Assistant on Seeed H68K/reRouter with OpenWRT

Deploying Home Assistant on Seeed H68K/reRouter with OpenWRT

Home Assistant is the popular home automation control platform. In this guide, we will use Seeed Studio Linkstar H68K as an example to deploy the Home Assistant with OpenWRT.  More to read.

03 5 Minutes to Develop an Industrial LoRaWAN Sensor

5 Minutes to Develop an Industrial LoRaWAN Sensor

Today, we can use a wireless LoRa collector, set up sensors to connect to an app via Bluetooth and build a product in five minutes, directly into a commercial project. Let’s quickly build an industrial-grade LoRaWAN wireless sensor for direct commercial use in 5 minutes..  More to read.

Co-Create with Seeed

01 Seeed Grove Designers’ Guide: PCB design guidelines and more

No clue on how to develop your first Grove sensor for the Co-Create Grove Sensor Campaign? How should creators go about designing a Grove module? What qualifies as a Grove module and what should designers look out for? This article sets out to give guidance to PCB designers and more.  More to read.

02 Co-Create Grove Module Libraries for ESPHome/Home Assistant 

To better support the smart home community, now we are inviting engineers to join us to co-create new Grove Module Libraries to work with ESPHome and Home Assistant to promote the ecological construction of ESPHome together. Moreover, we have a number of Grove starter kits/devices up for grabs..  More to read.

Community Project Spotlight

01 Voice Control Toy and Display using XIAO and Edge Impulse by Billtheworld

This demo shows embedded ML voice controlling animation screen display and an interesting toy by XIAO nRF52840 Sense boards. Project tutorial here

02 PCB Hotplate Mini Edition by Arnov Sharma

PCB Hotplate Mini Edition

By using Fusion PCBA services, Arnov Sharma made a Microchip ATtiny13A-based PCB hotplate from scratch. Tutorial available on Hackster.

03Connect SenseCAP Sensors to TTN by Marc Pous, Xose Pérez

Connect SenseCAP S2101 S2014 to The Things Stack with balena

Connect the agriculture sensors SenseCAP S2101 and S2104 with The Things Stack LNS using a standalone LoRaWAN gateway on a Raspberry Pi with Balena. More details.  

04 TOTEM | a tiny splitkeyboard with splay by Marc Rühl

TOTEM | a tiny splitkeyboard with splay

The TOTEM uses Seeed XIAOs to run wired or wireless and comes with splay and a case. More details.

That’s it for this entry. As always, we can’t wait to see what you make. Shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, or let us know on LinkedInDiscord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. Please be safe out there, be kind to one another, and we’ll see you next month with even more exciting news!



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