Jetson-powered Robot Iroi and Patrovor integrated with 1:N simultaneous monitoring for security

Autonomous mobile robot help eliminate security guards for both the day and graveyard shifts. Dogugonggan is an innovative robot company using AI & autonomous robots, focusing on autonomous security patrol & disinfection robots. Dogugonggan provides customizable security AI and simultaneous monitoring solutions tailored to the environment and client’s needs. Dogugonggan uses robots to perform simple and repetitive tasks of patrol guards, with its autonomous driving algorithm that allows the robot to operate both indoors and outdoors, improving the working environment and ensuring security.

Meet Indoor robot Iroi and ourdoor patrol Patrovor

Let’s take a look at how Dogugonggan design both indoor and outdoor robots to work across different scenarios. 


Iroi is an indoor autonomous robot designed for patrol and guidance services. Iroi is an indoor robot designed for 27/4 patrol and guidance service, with modular hardware and software to meet various needs. 

  • In the factory, Iroi is able to do voice announcements, facial recognition, and remote monitoring. This would ease off manual tasks and reduce labor costs for factory owners.
  • In the shopping Mall, Iroi is able to do remote calls space guidance and night-hour access control. 
  • In the hospital, Iroi helps with telemedicine service, delivering medicine and blood samples. This would reduce the workload of the heavy workload nurses and allow them to rest up more and focus on emergencies. 


Patrovor is an outdoor robot designed for patrol and disinfection services in places such as chemical plants and parks. Patrovor provides the same 24/7 patrolling and disinfecting services to all environments.

  • In the chemical industrial zone, Patrovor ensures a safer workplace by monitoring air quality, fire, gas, and workers’ safety of PPE violations of helmets and masks. 
  • In the park and streets, Patrovor detects screams, sirens, and abnormal sounds, streams 7/24 for detecting fire, and alarms send messages to organizations. This would significantly make the park a safer place for children and adults to enjoy their day with quicker responses to emergencies.
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Combine advanced AI power with the sensor of fusion

Focusing on self-driving and remote-control systems based on the autonomous fusion algorithm, Dogugonggan develops both indoor/outdoor autonomous robotic products. Depending on the model’s complexity, the robot integrates with different NVIDIA Jetson solution of Nano/ Xavier NX/ Xavier AGX/ Orin series attached to different form factor Jetson carrier boards, and sensors like cameras and RPLiDAR tailored to customer needs. Dogugonggan provides a stable operation of security services by deploying self-driving robots equipped with patrol-specific AI and synchronous monitoring solutions (1:N control).  

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Full-stack robotic AI system

Run modern neural networks in parallel, and process data from multiple high-resolution sensors.

Now both Iroi and Patrover have multiple versions stands for full-stack AI robot. The basic version is built with Jetson Xavier NX and integrates with computer vision AI, thermal AI, sound AI, gas detection, and video streaming. Customer can choose reComputer J2021 or Xavier NX module attached A205 Carrier Board which with can take multiple onboard CSI cameras.

A205 carrier board has up to 6 CSI camera interfaces and 5 SATA allows local multi-video streaming. Up to 5 times leap forward compare Orin NX(up to 100TOPS) with Xavier NX(21 TOPS), Dogugonggan is also considering using Orin NX for the next robot. Don’t miss out on our new releasing info for reComputer of Orin NX/Orin Nano.

1:N simultaneous monitoring solution

Besides security, Iroi and Patrovor will also help with air quality monitoring by integrating with CO2, NO2, SO2, VOC, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, and Humidity multiple environmental sensors. 

There is also a thermal camera for fever detection especially work for the COVID-19 pandemic. With AGX H01 Dev Kit integrated into the robot, the security AI combines fire, falling, human, helmet, mask detection, and face recognition.  

ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 can collect voices up to 5m away, even with the presence of background noise powered by built-in AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation).

Specialized in security AI, Iroi also has the version powered by AGX H01 equipped with multiple cameras, running more complex multiple computer vision models including fire detection, fell detection, intruder detection, face recognition, mask, and helmet detection.

Autonomous navigation 

Adding LIDAR enables a self-driving car (or any robot) to observe the world with a few special superpowers. SLAM is a core algorithm used in autonomous robotic navigation and mapping. You can integrate RPLIDAR S2 with NVIDIA Jetson to enable indoor mobile robot localization. 


RPLIDAR S2, a 360 Degree Laser Range Scanner with 30m radius range, also improves the internal optical design and measurements system to achieve a sample rate up to 32000 times, which makes more environmental details to be retrieved during the mapping and navigation process. 

Different Hardware Option

Video streaming with computer vision and sound AI:

  • Mapping and Navigation: RPLiDAR S2 (or S1, A1/A2/A3) & 3D LiDAR  
  • reSpeaker USB Mic Array for voice pick up

Security AI with fire, falling/fallen, human, helmet detection (also include fever/mask detection, face recognition)

Dogugonggan indoor and outdoor robot scenarios


The robots are equipped with a plethora of advanced technologies and software so that they can adapt and be used in every type of situation. NVIDIA TensorRT helps high-performance deep learning inference. Iroi and Patrovor also utilize Deepstream and TensorRT for video streaming with multiple cameras(5+) that combines abnormal sound detection such as scream, etc.  The powerful TensorRT supercharged AI model performance, allowing robots to run more complicated AI models and achieve better overall system capability.   Interested to learn more about NVIDIA TensorRT? Check out our blog Learn about how to supercharge your inference with TensorRT and YOLOv5.

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About Dogugonggan

Dogugonggan was founded in March 2017 in Seoul, South Korea, mainly dealing in AI and autonomous robots in the security service industry. Currently has two robots, Iroi and Patrover, in its product line and was selected as a research lab for the Technology Creative Seed Project. To date has 10 autonomous patrol robots used in different parts of South Korea with plans to scale up production in the next two years. 

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