NEW Release for Edge Series: Raspberry Pi Powered Industrial Edge Controller EdgeLogix RPI-1000

Raspberry Pi for Industry

As we talked about last two weeks, Seeed Studio did lots of effort into developing the industrial device powered by Raspberry Pi, which is the same vision and attempt about the application field as the official Raspberry Pi. We would say Raspberry Pi could be a choice for the industry since it supports a huge network of connections among devices, remote monitoring, communicating with devices from different brands, embedded software systems, and dealing with tons of data.

Seeed has launched EdgeLogix RPI-1000, which extends the widely developed series of the industrial controller. As we know, it has great performance within all-in-one application scenarios, especially with the lightweight HMI function, containing rich IO resources and high-speed local bus communication ability.

Today, as the industry 4.0 promoter, EdgeLogix will help you improve your factory at control level, collaborating operational technology (OT) of the plant floor and the information technology (IT) of the higher level business systems together to get a transparent interconnection, helping get real-time feedback of operational data and communication between multiple devices. All of the above can improve the overall productivity and quality for your factory.

Know More about EdgeLogix

EdgeLogix-RPI-1000 is a Raspberry Pi-based industrial controller capable of all-in-one application scenarios. Designed with intensive IO ports and delicate modules mounted on board, it also supports extensive industrial bus protocols(such as the high-speed local bus), and equip with cloud services support to show wireless capabilities, which has extraordinarily increased the ability to manage complex systems and sophisticated machines. Therefore, we can not only see it as the PLC & PAC, but also the IIoT Gateway, Lightweight HMI, OPC UA Server, and Industry PC.


Rich IO Resources

  • 24 isolated DI, DO along with RS485, RS232, 3*1000M RJ45

  • High-speed local BUS extension

  • Additional DIO, ADC, and relay expansion modules

Powerful Processor and Flexible OS

Powered by Raspberry Pi CM4 up to 8GB RAM and 32GB eMMC, supports Debian, Linux, and Ubuntu OS

Multiple Communication Abilities

  • Build in 2.4 GHz/ 5.0 GHz WIFI, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • Mini-PCIe slot for 4G LTE and LoRaWAN modules.
  • IT connectivity of DHCP/DNS, OPC UA, and web server

Software & Cloud Service Ecosystem

  • IEC 61131-3 with CODESYS, Node-RED, and MQTT.
  • AWS, and Azure cloud services

Three Models for Various Requirements

We provide three models of EdgeLogix RPI-1000 with different options of RAM, customers can choose different models with their own needs. In addition to providing a wide range of standardized hardware portfolios, we also assist in tackling your real-world challenges and customized requirements through our ODM Service.


  • Software-defined PLC

  • IoT Gateway


  • Power Supply

  • Industrial Controller

  • Automation and Control System

Preview for Next Step

We also launched EdgeBox-ESP-100 as the lightweight version of the multi-functional controller – powered by ESP32 processor and embedded with 4G Module for wireless communication. Now all of the three industrial controllers can be ordered on Seeed Studio Bazaar. Also keep an eye on the new article released soon!

Come and check out the unique solutions powered by Raspberry Pi which Seeed can provide for you!

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    1. Hi Roger, apologize for the late reply.
      EdgeLogix-RPI-1000 itself has 2 mini-PCIe card slots, one for 4G/LTE with SIM card support, and the other has SPI signals that can be used for LoRaWAN module.

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