Selection Guide of Grove Temperature and Humidity Sensor that Support ESPHome!

For the most critical environmental monitoring in the smart home, Seeed Studio has a wide selection of environmental sensors from the basic to industrial level for you to choose from. In this blog, we are going to dive deeper into these temperature and humidity sensors and provide a selection guide for you to find the most suitable one.
All the sensors introduced in this blog support ESPHome, which is an open-source project to help you customize smart home solutions based on popular ESP32/ESP8266 boards. Great news worth sharing is that our XIAO ESP32 now supports ESPHome!

Now, let’s move the first step toward your automated home!

  • Introduction to temperature and humidity sensor
  • Selection table
  • Smart Home project

Introduction to temperature and humidity sensor

What is temperature and humidity sensor?

At present, the common sensors on the market are digital, and digital temperature and humidity sensors refer to devices that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed, and then more accurately convert into digital signal output according to a certain law.

Why do we need it?

Humidity and temperature are closely related from the physical quantity itself to the actual people’s lives.

The temperature and humidity of people’s environment will directly affect people’s body temperature regulation function and heat conduction effect. It will further affect our thinking activity and mental state, thus affecting the efficiency of our studies and work. Therefore, we need temperature and humidity sensors.

I believe that here you have a general understanding of the temperature and humidity sensor, then a new doubt comes, how do we choose among a wide range of those sensors?

Basic Grove temperature and humidity sensors

When we talk about the sensor, the basic temperature and humidity sensor are the most commonly used. They are all automatically calibrated, very easy to use, and have a very good Arduino software library, which is very popular with makers.

Grove – AHT20 I2C Industrial Grade Temperature and Humidity Sensor

AHT20 I2C industrial-grade temperature and humidity sensor is equipped with a new generation of temperature and humidity sensor. When your project requires industrial-grade sensors, then there is no doubt that AHT20 will be very suitable.

Suitable application scenarios

  • Indoor environment detection
  • Industrial environmental monitoring
  • Thermometer and hygrometer
  • Dehumidifier
  • Medical and other related humidity detection control
  • laboratory experiment
  • HVAC
  • Weather station
  • Smart home appliance

If you want to know about other basic temperature and humidity sensors such as DHT11/20/22, here is a comparison table for your reference!

Temperature and humidity sensors with higher accuracy

Are these temperature and humidity sensors still not enough to meet your needs? Look further down to Grove’s SHT series, which offers a higher measurement range and accuracy. Grove’s SHT series Temperature & Humidity sensor could be the finest and highest-accuracy humidity sensor.

Grove – I2C High Accuracy Temp&Humi Sensor (SHT35)

This is a 2-in-1 high-precision Sensor that measures both temperature and humidity. And is based on SHT3x-DIS which has great intelligence, reliability, and improved accuracy specifications compared to its predecessor. If you are looking for a temperature and humidity sensor that is accurate and easy to use in some extreme conditions for constructing your smart home, the Grove – Temperature and Humidity Sensor (SHT35) have to be one of your choices! The choice of sensor will depend on your accuracy and price requirements.

Suitable application scenarios

  • Smart home appliance
  • Industrial freezers and refrigerators
  • Food processing
  • Personal computers and servers
  • PC peripherals
  • Consumer electronics
  • Handheld/Portable devices

If you want to know about other higher-accuracy temperature and humidity sensors such as SHT31/40, here is a comparison table for your reference!

Temperature, humidity and CO² sensors

Although CO² itself is non-toxic, there is a possibility that it can cause hypoxia when the concentration is too high. Therefore, the following sensors detect not only temperature and humidity but also carbon dioxide. If you want to detect the quality of CO² in your home environment, the Grove SCD series is the right choice. The Grove – SCDx is a 3-in-1 Arduino sensor that can measure CO², temperature, and humidity.

Grove – CO² & Temperature & Humidity Sensor(SCD30)

If you want to detect the quality of CO² in your home environment, the Grove SCD series is the right choice. The Grove – SCD30 is a 3-in-1 Arduino sensor that can measure CO², temperature, and humidity. Based on Sensirion SCD30, it is a Non-Dispersive Infrared(NDIR) carbon dioxide sensor It would be a perfect choice if you are not looking for a simple Arduino temperature sensor or a CO² sensor, but a multifunctional sensor for your Arduino weather station or other environmental projects.

Suitable application scenarios

  • Indoor ventilation system
  • Air purifier
  • Climate monitoring and control
  • Indoor CO² concentration monitoring
  • Plant environmental monitoring system
  • Arduino weather station

If you want to know about other temperature, humidity and CO² sensors such as SCD41, here is a comparison table for your reference!

Temperature, humidity and Barometer sensors

Next up is the 4-in-1 environmental sensor with strong sensing capability for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Gas even in a small package! It will be very beneficial to apply on GPS devices or IoT projects such as your own Arduino weather station or weather forecast system.

Grove – Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Gas Sensor for Arduino – BME680

Grove BME680 provides precise measurements of barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and VOC in the environment. Due to the use of MEMS technology, the sensor is small in size and low in power consumption, enabling several new capabilities for wearables and mobile devices and other applications for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Suitable application scenarios

  • Indoor air quality monitor
  • Home automation and control IoT device
  • Weather forecast
  • Mobile applications and wearables
  • Indoor navigation(change of floor detection, elevator detection)
  • Enhancement of GPS navigation

If you want to know about other Temperature, Humidity, and Barometer sensors such as BMP280/BME280, here is a comparison table for your reference!

All-in-one environmental sensors

If you want to detect special gases when moving into a new house, the SEN5x can meet your requirements.

Grove – SEN55 All-in-one environmental sensor

Grove-all-in-one environmental sensor SEN55 is an integrated Grove IIC ambient sensor, assembling eight types of environmental signal output, such as particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), oxidizing gases, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), as well as humidity & temperature. Sensing in high accuracy and operating for up to 10 years, born for HVAC and air quality long years detecting applications. 

Suitable application scenarios

  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning
  • Air quality detection
  • Respiratory healthcare
  • Harmful gas alarm
  • Particulate matter alert
  • Fire alarm
  • Chemical experiment
  • Smart farm

If you want to know about other All-in-one environmental sensors such as SEN54, here is a comparison table for your reference!

Smart Home Project

DIY Humidifier – Grove Water Atomization

In this project, a humidifier is made out of it using DHT11 and OLED screen to display the current Temperature/Humidity and the humidifier statut, to maintain the room humidity at a certain point.

What you’ll need:

Indoor Hand-held CO² Detector (for Covid-19 Purpose)

We will use the existing electronic module to make an instrument that assists us to monitor the indoor CO² concentration, you can customize the alarm message, and even determine whether to open the windows and doors for ventilation automatically based on the current CO² concentration.

What you’ll need:

Environmental Sensor Tree

This environmental tree is a great sample project for Grove accessaries. It gives a detailed description of the surrounding environment. You can change to other Grove sensors and test them of your need!

What you’ll need:

Intelligent alarm system made with BBG (IoT)

This is an IoT demo which we can upload the temperature info. to the network, and we can view the information in real-time. When the temperature exceeds the threshold and lasts for 1 minute, a warning Email will be sent to you.

What you’ll need:


With the comprehensive introduction to these sensors, I hope you have got a better understanding and are ready to choose your favorites. Now, start DIY your smart home!

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