Bothered With Unpredictable Thunderstorms? Grove – Lightning Sensor (AS3935) Is Prepared To Hit Seeed Studio Shelves

The Grove system consists of open-source, plug-and-play hardware for modular electronics project building.

By providing standardized modules, connectors, and cables, the Grove system helps accelerate electronics project building by doing away with jumper wires and breadboards so engineers can focus on developing solutions and coding. The Grove family consists of a vast variety of modules, each with a single function, with freely available libraries and examples. Plus, with everything open-sourced, designers can easily import them into their product designs.

To explore more using scenario and listen to the community, we launched the Grove Sensor Co-invent Program last year, and received over 100 ideas.

So far, 5 excellent selected designs have been licensed to Seeed Fusion and will soon be on sale at Seeed Studio! Grove – Lightning sensor (AS3935) is coming soon!

The Grove – Lightning sensor (AS3935) is a highly sensitive sensor that detects electric fields free in the air.

The Grove Lightning – sensor (AS3935) is an easy-to-use sensor built around the AS3935 IC, which can detect both cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud types of lightning for up to 30 or 40km.

Grove – lightning sensor(AS3935) test version

It belongs to the Grove ecosystem and shares the same simple connection and simple operation. It is easy to use, requiring no preliminary warm-up time. It is programmable with I2C or SPI communication and supports 3.3V and 5.0V power supply, offering low power consumption. This will be your great tool to get started with electric field processing.

“Well working concepts don’t need to be complicated

The designer of Grove – Lightning Sensor Davide Cogliati, the owner of a solution company, is more than a traditional electronics engineer. He stepped into the electronics world in high school and majored in Physics in university during which time he learned computer programming and radar systems. After graduating he worked in the development of high-voltage supply systems and chips. With multi-discipline experience, Davide has become a compound talented engineer. He prefers those projects with great power and shows simplicity. In Davide’s view, effective concepts do not have to be complex, can be presented straightforwardly, and should be easy to realize.

This sensor evaluates the electric fields in the air and verifies the specific characteristic waveform of Lightning, finally sending the output to the development board.

The use is for preventive alert on incoming lightning in front of a storm to avoid injuries to electrical equipment or humans and for weather research because can furnish several data on the strength and number of events. This sensor can be fully integrated with other sensors in a forecast weather station and be very useful in agriculture for crop protection in case of incoming storms. It can detect the lightning front of a storm up to 30-40 km distance when is still out of sight.

Grove – lightning sensor(AS3935) is testing

It represents a great application of electric field processing, which can be used to create alert systems for Lightning or violent storms approaching and for making complete forecast meteorological stations with adverse conditions alert.

The Grove Lightning sensor functions as a preventative alert to the lightning front of an approaching storm to avoid injury to electrical equipment or personnel. The sensor can be fully integrated with other sensors in weather stations, making it useful in agriculture for crop protection during storms. Plus, it can also be used for weather research because sufficient data on the intensity and number of storms can be provided.

Grove – lightning sensor(AS3935) is testing

Grove – Lightning sensor (AS3935) has been licensed to Seeed to manufacture and sell. Davide Cogliati will provide the tech support and Seeed will fulfill the order with hardware quality guaranteed.

Grove – lightning sensor (AS3935) will be available in April!

If you are interested in Co-creating like Davide with Seeed, turning your ideas into reality, and going to the market, we sincerely invite you to join our Co-create program!

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