Add an ARM-M3 Cortex Wifi Module to your projects with ease with the New WizFi360 Grove Module from Seeed Studio and Amal Mathew

Need to add WiFi to your project? Consider the WizFi360 WiFi module now in a UART Grove format for a quick and easy solution. WizFi360’s integrated TCP/IP protocol stack allows micro-controllers to interact with WiFi networks with just a few lines of code, and with the Grove plug-and-play solution, adding WiFi capability has never been simpler.

Why WizFi360?

The WiFi module market has been dominated by Expressif’s ESP modules for over a decade and has been the go-to solution for IoT developers around the world. If you have a smart home device, it more than likely houses an ESP8266. In 2018, a new competitor arose in the form of W600 by Chinese manufacturers Winner Micro. W600 made a ruckus when it hit shelves with its ARM Cortex-M3 processor and built-in flash and many modules based on the SoC began to appear at low-cost comparable to Expressif chips. WizFi360 is one such module and boasts capabilities on par with ESP8266 and a pin-compatible footprint with ESP12E/F modules.

With a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor and onboard flash, WizFi360 is a viable alternative to ESP8266 and the newer ESP8285. Connectivity is provided via 2.4GHz wireless and supports 802.11b/g/n IEEE standards, SoftAP, Station and SoftAP+Station modes. The WizFi360’s integrated TCP/IP protocol stack and pre-programmed AT command set firmware, allow almost all functions to be controlled via AT commands, simplifying programming and integration significantly.

Designed with low-power and low cost in mind, combined with deep sleep modes, the WizFi360 is perfect for mobile IoT applications such as wearables, nodes, remote sensing and more without compromising on processing power or features. The Grove WizFi360 module features the module with built-in antennae for maximum ease of use.

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Prototyping made easy with Grove

Now prototyping with WizFi360 has never been easier with the Grove WizFi360 module. Grove is a modular, plug-and-play, prototyping solution that allows you to add over 400+ Grove sensors, actuators and more to Grove-compatible boards. Do away with breadboards and jumper wires with the Grove ecosystem and accelerate product development.

The Grove WizFi360 module communicates via UART and features a built-in antenna for maximum ease of use. Get one now while stocks last.

Grove WizFi360, brought to you by Amal Mathew

The Grove WizFi360 module was brought to you by Amal Mathew of TinkererWay and Seeed Studio via the Grove Sensor Co-create campaign. A firmware engineer by profession, Amal is an avid maker in his free time and shares his creations on his website TinkererWay.

The Grove WizFi360 module was the culmination of Amal’s co-create partnership with Seeed Studio. Amal saw the value in WizFi360 as a Grove module and the value it would bring to others. Amal designed the module and provided the documentation and Seeed took care of manufacture, distribution and sales. By buying his design, you are supporting passionate creators in the community such as Amal and their efforts to bring their unique ideas to fellow makers, engineers and product developers.

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