Open Recruitment of SDG Open Innovation Camp 2023 for Youth from the Greater Bay 

17 Goals to Change the World.  The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  are an important part of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, which was adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. The SDGs present an urgent call for global action to promote human development by working in partnership to improve health, well-being, education, and gender equity, eliminate poverty, protect the planet, and improve the lives and futures of all people.

Innovation is a key factor in achieving sustainable development. To meet the SDGs we need to leverage digital technologies and develop innovative solutions together.  The aim of this event is to support young people to grow their knowledge and skills to collaboratively engage with open-source technology to address the critical sustainability issues that are faced by their communities. Open source technology enables interdisciplinary collaboration that integrates information across various cultures and disciplines by utilizing big data, the internet, and other emerging technologies. By empowering youth with open-source technology skills, we aim to create pathways to sustainable development.

「SDG Open Innovation Camp 2023 for Youth from the Greater Bay Area

May 8-10 | Macao SAR

Three partners Chaihuo Maker Space, United Nations University Institute in Macao, and the Macao Environmental Protection General Association have come together to host this Open Innovation Camp. Co-organizers include cross-industry and cross-disciplinary organizations such as Seeed Studio, Macau Youth Technology Exchange Association, and Equals Global Partnership. With open-source technology as the pivot point, the event aims to leverage youth-designed and led projects that address sustainability issues. 

The event will be held at the United Nations University Institute in Macau’s offices in Macao SAR. This location which serves as an important link for international exchanges and cooperation in the Greater Bay Area, has a foundation for innovative technology experiments, and is a critical hub for the United Nations in the region. We aim for the Innovation Camp, which brings together young people from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, to address the eight most pressing sustainable development issues in the city. Across three days of immersive open-source technology training, skills practice, and efficient co-creation, we hope to produce innovative solutions that are applicable and replicable, explore the technology and applications of scientific and technological innovation in urban and ecologically sustainable development, and deeply discuss how to build an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient city.

Make for Sustainability

The SDG Open Innovation Camp 2023 for Youth from the Greater Bay Area is designed to achieve action for sustainable development. The camp focuses on the 8 key areas of sustainable development aligned with the broader SDGs, aiming to cultivate participants’ open-source technology application skills, innovation abilities, and sustainable development awareness. It supports engagement by both women and men, with a gender balance of participants, judges, and speakers, encourages cross-border collaboration to identify, explore, and solve problems with creative thinking, enhances participants’ technology innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation, and ultimately seeks to empower youth to make positive change in the region.


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Event venue UNU Macao and the past SDG-themed events at UNU Macao

Event Schedule

May 8th @UNU Macao


Opening and Welcome Speech

Ice Breakers


Maker Movement and Community Innovation for SDGs

Tech for SDGs


How an Industrial IoT Solution Works in the Real World


Intro to Open-Source Hardware

Hands-on with Monitoring Water Quality, Air Quality, and Vision AI Application


Intro to Other Open-Source Modules

Application Demo for SDGs

May 9th @UNU Macao


Review of Open-Source Hardware


Intro to Network Communication

Hands-on with Sending Sensor Data to Cloud

Application Demo for SDGs


Tips for Project Pitch


Brainstorming for Final Projects

Hands-on with Final Projects

May 10th  @BEYOND Expo


Project Pitch & Judging


Project Exhibition @BEYOND Expo

What You Can Get

01 Master cutting-edge skills in three days and build innovative prototypes from scratch

Our innovation camp focuses on building innovative prototypes, and within three days, we will introduce and teach you the latest technology (open-source hardware, machine vision, perception systems, IoT) to build innovative prototypes from scratch. Our mentor team consists of top professionals in the industry who will provide guidance and support to help you master new skills in the shortest possible time.

02 Present your idea to globally, direct communication with global professional audiences

The organizing committee will also provide an international display stage for the solutions produced by the 8 teams. The project roadshow and display will take place at the top annual technology event, BEYOND Expo, and directly communicate with global professional audiences.

03 Young Talents from the Greater Bay Area gather together with  judges and mentors to discuss sustainable development

In addition to professional technical mentors from Chaihuo Maker Space and Seeed Studio, speakers and mentors from the United Nations University Institute of Macau who are deeply involved in the intersection of technology and sustainability will contribute, as well as five authoritative judges and guests to provide participants with professional guidance and consulting. We believe that through communication with them, you will open up a whole new perspective on thinking!

04 Accreditation from authoritative institutions, official recognition of your skills training

The organizer, United Nations University Institute in Macau, is one of 14 research and training institutions within the United Nations University (an international university and self-governing think tank institution established under the United Nations General Assembly resolution). UNU Macau will issue certificates to the 40 participants of the Open Innovation Camp. In addition, after completing all the learning of the Open Innovation Camp, participants can upgrade to become a certified member of Chaihuo Maker Space and enjoy one year of exclusive certified member benefits (More to learn here).

05 Ultimate project pitch to win the “Most Innovative Project Award”

During the 3-day Open Innovation Camp, 40 participants in gender-balanced teams will collaborate in 8 groups to produce innovative solutions to issues of sustainability. Five invited expert judges will select the team with the most innovative solution. The winning project team will receive a certificate of honor and a prize package prepared by the event committee.

06 Travel funding support for all participants for worry-free participation

The organizing committee will provide travel funding support for participants in the Open Innovation Camp, fully covering round-trip transportation to Macau from the Greater Bay Area, 3 nights of hotel accommodation, and lunch, allowing each participant to focus on participation and collaboration. For those located in Macau, hotel accommodation is optionally included if desired.

07 Exclusive souvenir gift pack for the Open Innovation Camp

All participants who complete the Open Innovation Camp will receive an exclusive souvenir gift pack prepared by the organizing committee (including Innovation Training Camp T-shirts, SDG pins produced by the United Nations, BEYOND Expo admission tickets, and more surprise gifts).

How to Register(40 Spots)

🎙️Recruitment requirements

If you want to learn the latest open-source technology,
If you want to explore how technology can contribute to sustainable development and make a contribution to sustainable cities,
If you want to build a sustainable development project prototype through concentrated training, learning, exchange, and co-creation in three days…

You are welcome to join our SDG Open Innovation Camp 2023 for Youth from the Greater Bay Area. With design thinking, open-source software and hardware, and sustainable design tools, you can collaborate across boundaries and co-create in three days.

Application Deadline: April 25, 2023

🌍Special Reminders

1. We fully embrace sustainable development. Please participate in an eco-friendly manner (bringing your water bottle, tableware, and taking public transportation)!

2. We support well-being and safety as such participants must use polite language, engage in non-discriminatory and inclusive behavior, allow for differing opinions, and not engage in personal attacks.

3. This is a gender-balanced event, please note we will consider this in the selection of applicants.

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