Seeed Monthly Wrap-up for December 2022: 6 Amazing Product News, 6 Seeed Wikis, 9 Interesting Projects, and More!

For this wrap-up, we’ll cover 6 news, 2 case studies, 2 tech trees, 6 Seeed Wikis, 2 stories on ‘Co-Create With Seeed’, and 9 interesting projects from our global open source community!

Hello all from Shenzhen! How was your December? For us at Seeed, it’s been another hectic and fruitful month to actualize amazing events, projects, talks, products, and services, together with you and all our partners from diverse parts of the planet!


For this December 2022 Wrap-up, we’ll cover 6 news (product updates, partnerships, hardware manufacturing services), 2 case studies, 2 tech trees, 6 Seeed Wikis, 2 stories on ‘Co-Create With Seeed’, and 9 interesting projects from our global open source community! Can’t wait to read? Scroll down now! 🙂


📰 News that You Shouldn’t Miss 

0.1 Meet SenseCAP M4 Square – FluxNode, the First-Ever Plug and Play Edge Computing Solution for Flux Network

Let’s start by sharing a new product update (your favorite news!): This month, Seeed has partnered with Flux to launch SenseCAP M4 Square – FluxNode – the first-ever, plug and play edge computing solution for Flux Network. With SenseCAP’s one-stop cloud services (SenseCAP Hotspot App and SenseCAP Dashboard), we designed it as a high-uptime, enterprise-grade hardware device to provide useful computing power to the network. This device can enable you to operate FluxNodes with ease when creating a fully decentralized network at an amazingly low power consumption. Read more about the partnership here.

0.2 Edgelab: Experience AI at the Edge With Only $10 Hardware

What next? We’re super excited to release our latest open source embedded AI project called “EdgeLab”, a user-friendly platform that allows you to easily perform ML training on collected data, and better understand algorithm performances with visualizations! We optimize the best algorithms in OpenMMLab for real-world scenarios, and make them run faster and more accurately on low-cost, embedded hardware. Based on our past experience, EdgeLab includes 4 algorithm directions: i) Anomaly Detection; ii) Computer Vision; iii) Discrete Classification, and; iv) Scenario-Specific Applications. Learn more here.

03. Seeed Studio Announces reComputer Based on New NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano to Accelerate Edge AI from Development to Production

Here’s one more product update. Recently, we announced reComputer’s full system and carrier board to support NVIDIA® Jetson Orin Nano™ system-on-modules (SoMs), which set a new standard for entry-level edge AI and robotics applications. reComputer J3010 is a compact edge computer, built with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano production modules and an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, with up to 8 streaming multiprocessors. It’s pre-installed with JetPack 5.X, ready for development with leading AI frameworks, and suitable for deploying everywhere! Discover more product details here.

04. The Edge Series, The OT-IT Solution from Seeed Studio

As a design partner of Raspberry Pi, Seeed Studio has been avidly investing and developing Raspberry Pi devices to fulfill diversified IoT/IIoT needs in various industries and factories. Most recently, we launched “Edge Series”, which is a lightweight, industrial edge controller series. It’s defined as an OT-IT bridge in industrial automation scenarios by integrating PLC/PAC, IPC, IIOT gateway, OPC UA Server, and HMI (Edgelogix-RPi-1000) as one. Read more for more information.

05. Co-Create with Seeed Fusion OEM to Realize Your Great Project Ideas!

Now, let’s talk about Seeed Fusion. Seeed Fusion provides a complete OEM services for a wide variety of electronic hardware products, materializing your design from paper to production. We offer a complete manufacturing package from PCB manufacturing to parts procurement, turn-key assembly, mechanical parts manufacturing, packaging, quality inspections, and shipping provisions at an economical, efficient, and transparent rate. In fact, our OEM portal has been newly upgraded, catering customers with structural and certification needs, like FCC, CE, Telec, hardware and enclosure manufacturing, so as to boost richer customization experience. What are you waiting for, welcome to the world of Seeed Fusion!

06. NEW Release of Edge Series: ESP32-Powered Industrial Controller EdgeBox-ESP-100

When it comes to industrial automation solutions, we strongly believe that they should be not only reliable and available, but also affordable. Et voilà! Seeed Studio launched 2 industrial edge controllers powered by Raspberry Pi: EdgeBox-RPi-200 and EdgeLogix-RPi-1000. Even better, we released a lightweight, industrial solution based on ESP32: EdgeBox-ESP-100, which can function reliably at extreme industrial environments and temperatures thanks to its operational robustness from –40°C to +125°C. Get inspired for more here!

🚀 Case Studies

01. Edge AI in Healthcare Enables Smart Medical Industry with Digital Diagnosis and Remote Patient Monitoring

The significant role and potential of AI is increasingly gaining recognition from the healthcare sector, and it is demonstrating numerous possibilities of assisting doctors, laboratories, researchers, caregivers, and patients. Indeed, AI-driven tools can help professionals to make critical and urgent diagnosis with greater accuracy, improved quality of pathological image recognition, and workflow optimization in the hospitals. How is this possible? Low-latency, high-bandwidth data transmission, and the ability to process a massive amount of data! Click here to dig further.

02. Improving LoRa Point-to-Point Network: Field Test for Optimization Solution

Due to high interference, LoRa can’t reach more than 2 kilometers when installed in populated locations like cities. Most off-the-shelf LoRa Nodes are power-hungry which can’t operate for more than 3 days. To improve the high dependence on power and narrow transmission range of LoRa in urban areas, Aiman Akid deployed an optimization project for LoRa point-to-point network by building 2 optimization strategies to assess the nodes’ operations through using Seeed Fusion’s development board manufacturing services. Check out the full story here.

🌳 Tech Tree

01. What is RMS and How to Relate It to Our Life?

In our life, there are many electronic products we consume on a daily basis, such as televisions, microwaves, computers, and cell phone chargers. Nevertheless, have you ever gotten curious about the RMS of those electronic products? The sensors with RMS can help you to monitor RMS data in real-time, protect your home appliances or smart products from pulse damage, and of course, the most important thing is – locating excessive power operations and reducing unnecessary electrical energy and expenses by reducing the voltage. Grove AC Voltage Sensor is a good example of an RMS AC voltage for accurate DIY energy meters. Learn more here.

02. Build Connected Robots with NVIDIA Isaac and ROS2

ROS is a set of open-source software libraries and tools that can assist you to build robotic applications. ROS2 has been revamped from the robot operation system’s existing framework, optimized for industrial use, and developed to be scaled up in new application scenarios including mobile robotics, drone swarms, and self-driving cars. Why not get your hands on ROS2 with Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson products for your business? Take a deep dive here.

💡 Seeed Wiki and Know-How

01. EdgeLab: PFLD Algorithm Achieves 99.56% Accuracy in Metering Systems

We are excited to introduce you to an exciting application of Edgelab and SenseCAP A1101 – LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor to read pointer-type metering systems with an accuracy of about 99.56%! To achieve this, Practical Facial Landmark Detector (PFLD) algorithm has been harnessed to ensure detection accuracy and efficiency, while being lightweight at the same time. Explore more here.

02. AI-Powered Depth Sensing with ZED Camera and reComputer J2021 of Jetson Xavier NX

Depth sensing is a technology that allows a device to measure the distance to objects or surfaces in its environment. It’s used in a wide range of applications, including robotics, virtual and augmented reality, and computer vision. To use a 3D camera with the NVIDIA Jetson platform and achieve stereo depth sensing, you will need to select a suitable 3D camera. Let’s have a look at Cavedu’s tutorial on how to install and configure an AI Stereo Camera to install Stereolabs ZED with reComputer J2021 of Xavier NX. Check it out here.

03. Building a Smart Home Control Center Around Home Assistant

This Seeed Wiki shares how to set up your own Home Assistant on Seeed Studio’s new product, LinkStar H68K, and deploy ESPHome environment. By using a XIAO ESP32C3 to connect to LinkStar’s WiFi network, more sensors can be added to the Home Assistant and ESPHome family. Learn how to make one here.

04. Bluetooth Usage (Seeed nrf52 mbed-Enabled Boards Library)

Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 and Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense both support Bluetooth connectivity. This wiki introduces the basics of Bluetooth functions and provides a demo with 24GHz Respiratory Sleep Detection Module from “Seeed nrf52 mbed-Enabled Boards Library”. Take a deep dive here.

05. Getting Started with Mini AI Computer T906

Mini AI Computer T906 built with the Jetson AGX Orin 32GB Module can deliver up to 200TOPS AI performance, and is ready for the most complex AI workloads at the edge. Pre-installed Jetpack 5.0.2, supported by NVIDIA JetPack and DeepStream SDKs, TensorRT, RIVA, Issac software libraries, and leading AI platform-tools from Seeed’s Edge AI ecosystem, you can easily develop and deploy AI applications for manufacturing, delivery, retail, and smart cities, and more. Click here to read more.

06. 24GHz mmWave Sensor – Human Static Presence Module Lite (MR24HPC1)

24GHz mmWave Sensor – Human Static Presence Module Lite is an antenna-integrated, health-friendly mmwave radar sensor that applies FMCW ranging technology, with operation in 24GHz, for implementation of human presence, independently of environmental influences. This is also a personalized radar that users can configure underlying parameters of it to determine detected functions. Curious to know more? Get more insights from Seeed Wiki here.

🤝 Co-Create With Seeed

01. Seeed Fusion DIY XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest Is Closed! The Winners Are…

From July 11 to October 11, the Fusion XIAO Mechanical Keyboard Contest lasted for 3 months and ended successfully with 33 excellent keyboards being delivered. During the contest, we received around 80 applications and sponsored about 40 keyboards. There are 11 winners in total and you can view these winners’ projects here.

02. Seeed & T-Fab Works | Grove for Scratch Licensed and Ready to Hit the Seeed Store Shelves!

In Japan, programming education has been embedded to elementary schools’ curriculum since 2020. However, many issues arose such as difficulties in producing adequate class materials, suitable hardware, and troubleshooting problems. That’s why, a Japanese company, T-Fab Works, developed Grove for Scratch – an expansion board that allows young students to use Grove’s various sensors and actuators through a visual programming language ‘Scratch’ via Scratch-compatible environments Scratch and Stretch3. You can get further information here.

🌈 Community Project Spotlight

01. IoT AI-driven Yogurt Processing & Texture Prediction | Blynk

If you’re a foodie who loves to eat or make your own yogurt, Aktar’s project might interest you: “IoT AI-driven Yogurt Processing & Texture Prediction” device, which can collect all the environmental data throughout the yogurt processing period to guarantee yogurt’s best fermentation conditions and taste. Take a closer look at Aktar’s project here.

02. Death Stranding Desk Lamp

Pinkman’s “Death Stranding Desk Lamp” is a smart lamp which consists of a combination of 5 individual light-emitting blades, each with 3 degrees of freedom. The internal integration is powered by XIAO nRF52840 Sense Bluetooth master control board, and WS2812 phantom light strip, that means, you can control it on your mobile apps to change, display, and adjust different shades of colors and brightness. Make your own smart lamp here!

03. Pacman Clock – Seeed Wio Terminal

Have you ever stumbled upon this idea of making your own “Pac-Man Clock” for your desk? TechKiwiGadgets did, so he made one by transforming a Wio Terminal into his interactive Pac-Man Clock with a joystick, buttons and alarm features. Learn more from his project documentation here.

04. Capture Images With Grove Vision AI Sensor

Although there are many built-in, open source datasets available online, you may have noticed that you’d need to make your own dataset for your specific needs and challenges that you’re planning to solve. For this reason, Erik built his own dataset to capture images accurately, by deploying Grove – Vision AI Module. Read for more.

05. Seeed XIAO Mechanical Keyboard and Development Board

Carmen has always been fascinated by mechanical keyboards and keyboards in general, and has experimented with some wild designs, but she never had a chance to build her own – until this month! By using Seeed Fusion services, she made her own keyboard that also works as a XIAO development board complete with Grove connectors! Read further about her know-hows here.

06. Sensor DataLogger

Marcelo developed his “Sensor DataLogger” project, that was aimed for collecting various sensor data from an MCU, transmitting it via Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 Sense, controlling it with an app, and viewing it remotely on a spreadsheet. Explore more here.

07. Security Camera Using NVIDIA Jetson Nano and Node-RED

Nowadays, security systems made using open source hardware are widely used where you can develop your own security applications according to your needs. Here’s a security system demo using a USB Webcam, COCO Dataset, reComputer J1010, and Node-RED. Anyone can initiate “no-code” object detection projects here!

08. TinyML Gesture Recognition with SenseCAP A1101 Vision AI

This project tutorial is about TinyML Gesture Recognition demo using SenseCAP A1101 – LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor, SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway, and SenseCAP M2 Data Only LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway. With this demo, you’ll be able to make a fun prototype to play one of your favorite childhood games like “rock, paper, scissors”. Come and read now!

09. reTerminal – Re for Retro

Recently, there has been a wave of retro handheld gaming consoles trending on the crowdfunding platform – which also carries lots of childhood memories. So, one of our funny makers, Peter Pan, made his own retro handheld kit using reTerminal. He quotes, “Where there is a Raspberry Pi, there should be RetroPie.” To get you some fun, explore this project here.


That’s all for today, thank you all for reading through this December Wrap-up in your spare time. If you wanna share what projects you’re working on, shoot us a tweet @seeedstudio, let us know on LinkedIn and Discord, or publish your project on our Project Hub on Hackster. We shall be looking forward to, yet another, new year filled with inspirations and open source projects from you! Happy new year in advance! 😀



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