SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor

SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor is a TinyML Edge AI enabled smart image sensor. It supports a variety of AI models such as image recognition, target detection, etc. It also supports training models with TensorFlow Lite.

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Since this product is still in the DVT(Design Validation Test) stage, the final shipped product may differ from the current specification description. In the final product, prevailing parameters will apply. We are still completing the certification process for the products, so there are no certificates available yet.


  • Powerful Inferencing: 400Mhz DSP up to 30fps (192*192)
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Down to [email protected] FPS vision AI
  • TinyML Support: Provide multiple TinyML models for diverse applications
  • Privacy Protection: Local inferencing and security design for privacy protection
  • Industrial design: -40 ~ 85℃ operating temperature and IP66 rating, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and harsh environments such as high UV exposure, heavy rain, dusty conditions, etc.
  • Bluetooth configuration in 1 min: scan the QR code on the device and finish the configuration work in just a few clicks
  • Easily get data, no clunky software interfaces: smooth data flow to cloud servers or other IoT data management platforms
  • Visualize data and monitor with SenseCAP Mate APP: you can set threshold value (just focus on the data you need to take action for), time intervals (improve the battery efficiency), and set alarms if data is out of the safe range.


LoRaWAN and TinyML are a natural pairing and perfect combination. They can build a complete low-power sensing-processing-transmission system. Today, with the combination of these two technologies, we can bring edge AI into the wild and achieve many things that would otherwise be unattainable and unimaginable.  


SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor combines TinyML AI technology and LoRaWAN long-range transmission to enable a low-power, high-performance AI device solution for outdoor use. This sensor features Himax's high-performance, low-power AI vision solution which supports the Google TensorFlow Lite framework and multiple TinyML AI platforms. Different models can implement different AI functions, for example, pest detection, people counting, object recognition... Users can adopt models provided by Seeed, generate their own models through AI training tools, or procure deployable, commercial models from Seeed's partner model providers. 


Meanwhile, we provide the SenseCAP total solution for this device which supports the rapid configuration of the Bluetooth APP, fast connection to gateways, and cloud services.

Typical Applications

  • Pest Control

  • Object detection

  • People Counting

  • Fruit ripeness detection


About "IoT into the Wild"

The theme of Seeed's new product launch in 2022 is "IoT into the Wild". Check low-power sensors to ultra-long-range gateways fully featuring Edge AI and LoRaWAN.

【About SenseCAP】Among the first launch of Seeed industrial IoT (IIoT) product series, SenseCAP is focusing on wireless environmental sensing applications: smart agriculture, precision farming, and smart city, to name a few. It consists of hardware products (sensors, data-loggers & gateways, etc.), software services (SenseCAP portal, mobile App, open dashboard), an API for device & data management.


HSCODE 9031809090




In this wiki, we will teach you how to train your own AI model for your specific application and then deploy it easily to the SenseCAP A1101 - LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor and Grove - Vision AI Module. Let's get started!



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