Seeed & T-Fab Works| Grove for Scratch Licensed and Ready to Hit the Seeed Store Shelves!

T-Fab Works is a company that provides programming education such as design, production, and teacher training for schools.

Why would T-Fab Works plan to make such a board? 

In Japan, programming education in elementary schools started in 2020 and but many issues arose such as difficulties producing class materials, procuring suitable hardware and troubleshooting problems, etc. So Japanese company T-Fab Works developed Grove for Scratch “AkaDako”, which has the potential to solve all the problems in this field by combining Scratch, a block based visual programming language and the Grove hardware ecosystem from Seeed Studio.

Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows you to use Grove’s various sensors and actuators through the visual programming language Scratch via Scratch-compatible environments Scratch and Stretch3.

Compared with other Grove expansion boards, Grove for Scratch does not need users to download other software such as Arduino, because it is built in the WebSerial function, which means that you only need to use your existing browser to start programming.

Why Grove for Scratch?

Some products use Bluetooth or WiFi for pairing and data transmission, which can result in problems with unstable networks, whereas Grove for Scratch connects to the computer via USB. Just click the green flag on the Scratch screen to run the created program. In addition, there is no need to prepare and maintain batteries.

Grove for Scratch has a built-in Web Serial feature, so you can code right from your web browsers. Users can easily explore various application such as voice robot, AI, IoT and bidirectional communication by combining AkaDako with a wide selection of Grove modules.

The possibilities are endless with Grove for Scratch and over 50 Compatible Grove modules.

The official Scratch does not yet allow the addition of extensions, but by using Scratch’s mutual environment Xcratch and Stretch3, users can exploit extensions to develop many kinds of applications using Scratch and Grove modules.

  • Voice Synthesis: speak when approaching
  • Speech2Scratch: Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • ML2Scratch: Image recognition
  • NumberBank: Bidirectional communication between Scratch and an IoT work
  • IFTTT Webhooks

Operation manual and other project examples like detecting the change in brightness, Monitoring item tilt, etc are on AkaDako’s page, but currently only the Japanese version.

The Grove for Scratch has been licensed to Seeed to sell.

T-Fab Works will provide technical support and Seeed will fulfill the order with hardware quality guaranteed.

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In addition, we are seeking more creative engineers to expand our Grove series.

Over 80 designers all over the world have participated in the Grove Sensor Co-invent Program so far. Don’t miss the chance to turn your ideas into real Grove Sensors!

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