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Grove for Scratch

Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows various Grove modules to be controlled from Scratch via USB cable.

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Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows various Grove modules to be controlled from Scratch via a USB cable.


  • No need to install the app: No need to install the Scratch Link app, AkaDako is built in the WebSerial function, so it can be used with existing browsers out of the box
  • Easy to use: AkaDako does not require an external battery and can be powered by connecting it to a computer via USB.
  • No pairing required: No Bluetooth pairing is necessary with AkaDako because it is a USB connection, unlike Scratch Link. Simply plug it in and you're ready to go.
  • Diversification: Grove for Scratch offers a wide variety of Groves' ports, allowing users to simultaneously use a variety of Grove products to generate virtually endless possibilities.


Grove for Scratch is an expansion board that allows you to use Grove's various sensors and actuators through the visual programming language Scratch. For Scratch-compatible environments Scratch and Stretch3. Compared with other Grove expansion boards, Grove for Scratch does not need to download other software such as Arduino, because Grove for Scratch is built in the WebSerial function, which means that you only need to use your existing browsers to open and start programming.

Some products use Bluetooth or WIFI for pairing, which can result in an unstable network or Bluetooth transmission, whereas Grove for Scratch connects to the computer via USB, which avoids the aforementioned issues.

If you still don't know how to connect Grove for Scratch to your computer, you can refer to this link

Grove for Scratch has a built-in WebSerial feature, so you can edit the Grove you want to play right in your current browsers. Don't worry about the possibility that you lack programming or coding skills. Scratch's web programming is very simple to learn; simply connect the programmed blocks and you're ready to go.

Scratch's web programming is a great choice for students or those who want to learn about IoT or easy programming/coding.

There are many project examples on AkaDako's page, but currently only the Japanese version like detecting the change in brightness, Monitoring item tilt, etc

You can check here to see more of AkaDako's project examples.


  • Grove for Scratch does not come with USB cable and Grove cable

Here we are introducing this Grove for Scratch and its story! T-Fab Works is a company that provides programming education (design, production, and teacher training) for schools. Programming education in elementary schools started in 2020 and later found many problems such as teachers hard to catch up, Troubleshooting difficulties in class, etc, So they started selling the "AkaDako", which has the potential to solve all the problems in this field with the expertise accumulated by TFab Works.

The Grove for Scratch has been licensed to Seeed to sell. Akadako will provide the tech support and Seeed will fulfill the order with hardware quality guaranteed. If you are interested in Seeed Licensed Products Program, pls click here to find out more.




System requirement

Windows10/ Windows11





Analog input x1(shared with Grove terminal)

Digital input/output x1 (shared with Grove terminal)


Grove Port

Grove Analog Port x2

Grove Digital Port x2

Grove I2C Port x2


  • AI
  • Smart Home
  • Education
  • IoT

Parts List

Grove For Scratch



1. What is Grove?

The Grove system consists of open-source, plug-and-play hardware for modular electronics project building. The system helps accelerate electronics project building by doing away with jumper wires and breadboards so engineers can focus on developing solutions and coding. Currently, Seeed Studio has developed over 400 Grove modules ranging from sensors, LEDs, inputs, wireless, displays, actuators, breakouts, kits, and accessories, making the Grove ecosystem one of the most successful hardware development platforms.

2. What Is Seeed Fusion Licensed Products Program

Seeed licensing means that the licensor (cooperative partner) grants its own products (software or hardware), trademarks, brands, etc. to the licensee (Seeed) in the form of a contract. Seeed will assist with all electronics manufacturing including structural parts, testing, certification, provide engineering and quality assurance services, and promotion, sales and distribution around the world using Seeed’s own network and channels. Seeed will ensure that your product is well looked after from start to finish.


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