NEW Release of Edge Series: ESP32-powered Industrial Controller EdgeBox-ESP-100

Last few weeks, we have launched two industrial edge controllers powered by Raspberry Pi called EdgeBox-RPi-200 and EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, they are reliable and affordable automation solutions, as they could function as an OT-IT bridge in the industrial fields to help traditional controllers, actuators, and data communicate with cloud.


Considering that industry automation solutions should not only be reliable and available but also affordable, in addition to edge controllers mentioned above, Seeed Studio also provides customers with a lightweight industrial solution based on the ESP32 — EdgeBox-ESP-100.

Why ESP32 for industry?

  • Robust Design

ESP32 can function reliably in diverse industrial environments, as its operating temperature could range from –40°C to +125°C (the Edgebox-ESP-100 itself could also operate within -20°C to +60°C, satisfying temperature requirements of most industrial scenarios)

  • Openness of the Espressif’s Platform

ESP-IDF, product design documents and specs are provided to the community and the community keep contributing back, making more low-barrier industry digitization possible.

  • Comparative Low cost

Know More about EdgeBox-ESP-100

EdgeBox-ESP-100 is an ESP32-based controller designed for lightweight automation solutions.

It has rich isolated IO and supports multiple fieldbus, including analog input/output and thus can effectively act as a remote monitor and controller.


Owing to the on-chip Wi-Fi and BLE, and the pre-installed 4G LTE Cellular module, it can be utilized to establish an industrial gateway, enabling the original PLC to connect to the network or cloud.


This compact box also comes with rugged hardware and reliable electrical design, which help maintain its function in a wide temperature range and provide high surge and short circuit protection.


  • Multi-Fieldbus Support: CAN, RS485, Ethernet

  • Multi-wireless Capability: On-chip Wifi, BLE connectivity; built-in Cellular 4G LTE module

  • Reliable Hardware Design: Rugged, maintenance-reduced structure

  • Reliable Electrical Design: High isolation, High surge, and short circuit protection

  • IEC 61131-3 compliant programs support (under development)

  • Programmable with ESP-IDF

  • Quality Guaranteed: 2-year Warranty, RoHS/CE/FCC/UKCA/TELEC certified



  • Industrial Gateway

  • Industrial Controller

Edge Series Recap

This is our last new product introduction blog for our EDGE SERIES, but it is also a start for our industrial-related content. 

In upcoming blogs, we will share with you trends in the open-source industrial world, our success case, tutorials for you to quick setup the device with popular industrial software, and more.

Feel free to leave comments below and let us know what you want to hear from us. Stay Tuned

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