Seeed Studio Announces reComputer Based on New NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano to Accelerate Edge AI from Development to Production

[Shenzhen, China], — Sep.29th— Seeed Studio has introduced the reComputer full system and carrier board to support the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin Nano™ system-on-modules (SoMs), which set a new standard for entry-level edge AI and robotics, as announced at NVIDIA GTC.

reComputer J3010 and J3011 are compact edge computers that will be built with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano production modules and an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU with up to eight streaming multiprocessors, composed of 1,024 CUDA cores and up to 32 Tensor Cores for AI processing.

reComputer, based on the Jetson Orin Nano, will be built with the J401 carrier board, bringing a rich set of I/Os to extend functionality: 2x CSI, 1x M.2 Key M, 1x M.2 Key E, 4x USB 3.2, 1x USB 2, HDMI, CAN, RTC and 40-pin GPIO to extend capabilities, as well as a heatsink and an aluminum case. The full system will be pre-installed with JetPack 5.X, ready for development with leading AI frameworks and suitable for deploying everywhere.

reComputer, based on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano and Orin NX series, is:

  • A hand-sized full edge AI system: compact form factor (130 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm), delivering powerful AI performance of 40 TOPS and rich interfaces for embedded development.
  • Ready for development and deployment: pre-installed NVIDIA JetPack 5.X supports the entire Jetson software stack and industry-leading AI developer tools for building autonomous machines, embedded AI, and computer vision applications across industries.
  • Power efficient: power supplied by DC 12V/5A, with the module’s power options as little as 5W and up to 15W.
  • Expandable with the onboard GPIOs using Grove modules, and able to mount on the wall with mounting holes on the back.

reComputer J401 carrier board specs for Jetson Orin Nano and Orin NX:

Form factor100mm * 80mm
Display1x HDMI
CSI Camera2x CSI
Ethernet1x Gigabit Ethernet(101001000M)
M.2 Key M1x M.2 Key M, NVME
M.2 Key E1x M.2 Key E
USB4x USB 3.2 Type-A; 1x USB2.0 Type-C(Recovery)
Multifunctional Port1×2.0 Pitch 40-Pin
RTC1x RTC Socket; 1x RTC 2-pin
So-DIMM260 Pin
PowerDC 9-19V
Button Header1×12, 2.54mm pitch

During GTC, NVIDIA released additional details about the expanded Jetson Orin platform at the “Announcing Jetson Orin Nano: the New Standard for Entry-Level Edge AI” session, now available to view on demand. reComputer of Orin NX is planned to be available between the end of 2022 to Q1 2023. reComputer of Orin Nano is planned for Q1 2023. Please stay tuned for Seeed’s manufacturing updates and also Jetson roadmap at NVIDIA.

Seeed is an embedded system reseller and preferred partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network. Besides providing full system devices, carrier boards, peripherals, and hardware, Seeed is also working with ecosystem software platforms to help developers build custom applications with no/low code and deploy edge devices at scale for production. Customers can use the NVIDIA Jetson Orin developer kit today to build their edge AI, robotics, AIoT, and embedded solutions, and then deploy and scale their applications on the Jetson Orin modules as they become available.

For more NVIDIA Jetson product line information, developer tools, and use cases at Seeed, visit Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem page.

Seeed’s NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem page

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Seeed has been serving the global developer community since 2008, by providing open technology and agile manufacturing services, with the mission to make hardware more accessible and lower the threshold for hardware innovation. With Shenzhen’s vast resources, and trusted technology and distribution partners around the world, Seeed strives to be the most integrated platform for creating hardware solutions for IoT, edge AI applications.

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  1. Looking forward to when this is available in the 8GB Orin nano version.

    It will be an ideal entry-level platform for my home security software based on state of the art yolov7, but supporting multiple models at the same time.

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