Instruction on how to use NVIDIA Jetson Nano with Grove

If you want to run Grove sensors on Jetson Nano, the best way is to use the python Library provided by Seeed Studio.

There are more than 20 Groves supporting Jetson Nano now and we are keeping updating more.

See the current sensors supporting Jetson Nano and how to use them:

For details about how to install the library:

Grove Installation Guide

(If you are familiar with the Linux operation system, you can skip this guide and directly refer to the link provided above.)

You only need to perform below steps in a brand new Jetson Nano official Image (click here for Jetson Nano Quick Start Guide), make sure your network works well.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install curl

Now you can start the installation of


curl -sL | sudo bash -s –

Please pay attention to check the final execution result when installing. If FAILED is displayed and you are unable to solve the failure by yourself, please submit new issue in the current repository. Please describe the issue in detail.


git clone


# Python2

sudo pip install .

# Python3

sudo pip3 install .

Run Grove on Jetson Nano:

After a successful installation, you can use the Grove modules based on the support list of Jetson Nano.

1. First, you need a Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi :

The pin header of Jetson Nano is compatible with Pi, however, the function is not completely compatible. Please refer to the table provided by Seeed Studio for the compatibility of specific functions.

The Grove Base Hat is connected like this:

Please pay attention to the pin alignment, do not insert to the wrong position, otherwise it may cause damage to the Grove Base Hat, even the damage of the Jetson Nano Board.

2. Plug in the Grove module.

If it is an I2c module, you can execute it on the Jetson Nano terminal:

sudo i2cdetect -r -y 1

Check if the corresponding I2c address can be scanned. If the scanning failed, please pay attention to the wiring.

3. Execute the corresponding python script command.

Noted that the execution of the python script requires root privileges. For example, when driving an OLED Display 1.12 inch (V1.0) module, you need to do this:


sudo python grove/display/

The directory is the git repository that was previously downloaded at install time. Usually Oled will display some program-predefined content.

Demo and Software support

We made a demo kit and provided software support for the demo kit.

The Groves included in the kit:

You can download software here:

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