Providing Clean Drinking Water with EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 in Remote and Harsh Environments

Project Summary

On-site water filtration is a critical process that ensures the safety of drinking water. With the help of EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, system integrators can filter dirty and polluted water, monitor various parameters during the filtration process, and ensure clean sewage and clean drinking water at a lower cost. This blog explains how EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 is being used in the water treatment industry to improve the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment, reduce operating costs and environmental pollution, and provide people with cleaner drinking water.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: EdgeLogix-RPi-1000

SI Partners: A solution integrator Seeed Studio works with

Industry: Water Treatment

Pilot Project: Africa

Project Background

On-site water filtration assets require proper monitoring of on-site assets at the lowest possible price solutions to ensure water is properly cleaned and safe to drink. Developing solutions for filtering dirty and bio-contaminated water with extremely low energy consumption and a small footprint is a challenge.

The Challenge

Since these devices are used in remote and harsh environments, it is desirable to ensure that they operate as independently and consistently as possible without requiring excessive technical maintenance. 

Each unit will need to provide process control of the machines, each machine will have 15 – 20 IO devices (I2C – pressure and temperature sensors, flow meters, digital inputs, digital outputs, PWM in/out, valve actuators, pump control, etc.). Sufficient computing power and storage to run Ignition edge (with MQTT transport, MQTT distribution, Vision, EAM, web development and store/forward model) is required. A cellular module and an additional HMI or tablet (if we use a tablet, the controller also needs to have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) to allow customer interaction is necessary.

The Solution

EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 is the ultimate solution that meets all the requirements of on-site water filtration assets. Thanks to the ot-it connection function of EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, our system integrators have successfully deployed it in the field of water treatment, connected field devices, and connected field data to the cloud for storage and processing. EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 provides a monitoring and alarm platform for all field devices. Monitoring and alerting verify that water treatment quality is up to standard and report the results. The EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 also provides the ability for human-computer interaction with its HDMI interface.

Why EdgeLogix-RPi-1000

The remote monitoring, data processing, and data transmission in the traditional industrial production process will integrate protocols through different devices to achieve the integrity and connectivity of the system process. This requires writing a large number of communication protocols to achieve, which will add a lot of burden and trouble to the system construction.

EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 are all-in-one Raspberry Pi-based industrial edge computing controller, More than just a PLC, PAC, more can it implement functions of the IIoT Gateway, OPC UA Server and Industry PC. It’s engineered with multiple isolated industrial interfaces, which adhere to various industrial bus protocols and standards to achieve data transmission in a variety of situations.

EdgeLogix-RPi-1000 provides enough IO to meet demand and runs Ignition edge for visualization and SCADA/monitoring functionality back to AWS-hosted central hub, publish and subscribe to topics via cellular modem using MQTT topics. It’s equipped with a 4.3” HMI for minor diagnoses or dashboard display or can be monitored through HDMI external HMI. With wireless capability, it can send monitoring and alarm information in time.

The Results

Through the monitoring, control, data acquisition, and communication functions of EdgeLogix-RPi-1000, automatic control, real-time monitoring, and data analysis in the sewage purification process are realized at a lower cost. This improves the efficiency and quality of sewage treatment, reduces operating costs and environmental pollution risk, and provides more effective water treatment solutions to more system integrators and projects in need. In the end, this solution is helping to provide more people with cleaner drinking water.

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