Experience IoT and Robotics with AWS IoT and Seeed Studio at re:Invent 2023

Don’t miss out on the IoT and Robotics sessions at AWS re:Invent! The Experience/IoT@re:Invent Landing Page, created by the AWS IoT team in collaboration with Seeed Studio, offers 45 captivating sessions, 6 interactive project demos, and an immersive live demo to track and locate the AWS IoT team on-site. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge technologies and learn from industry experts at this exciting event. Join us to explore the latest trends in IoT and Robotics and have a hands-on experience like no other.

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Are you excited about the upcoming AWS re:Invent event? If you don’t want to miss out on anything related to IoT and Robotics sessions, then you’re in for a treat! We invite you to visit the Experience/IoT@re:Invent Landing Page, where the AWS IoT team, in collaboration with Seeed Studio, unfolds an array of 45 captivating sessions that explore the latest trends and insights in IoT and Robotics, 6 interactive project demos the team has customized for re:Invent, and also an immersive live demo to track and locate the AWS IoT team on-site for a quick hi! 

Now, let me walk you through all these highlights so you can immerse yourself in cutting-edge technologies and learn from industry experts in this immersive experience.

Highlight 1: 45 IoT and Robotics Sessions at re:Invent

On this page, we’ve listed out all the 45 IoT and Robotics sessions that the AWS IoT team prepared for you at re:Invent (including the IOT303 Asset Tracking Workshop with Wio Tracker 1110 Kit, IOT205 2D Robot That Draws Pictures with XIAO ESP32S3 Sense). You can get detailed schedules of the sessions, including time, venue, and abstract. With the Search bar, you can locate all the sessions with the topics that interest you the most. It’s the ultimate guide to not miss any sessions where you can get started with AWS IoT!

Highlight 2: Locate 6 Interactive Project Demos Around the Venues

The AWS IoT team has also created 6 interactive project demos the team specifically for re:Invent, including AWS IoT Disaster Response, FindMyShip, IoT Chess, IoT Robotic Chess, DeepRacer Vx, Capgemini text & AR based virtual chatbots. You can also explore the technologies behind these demos, and we’re excited to share that quite an amount of Seeed products and solutions are contributing to these cool demo projects. They include: SenseCAP T1000 LoRaWAN Tracker & Hazard Reponse Mission Pack in AWS IoT Disaster Response, reComputer J4012 in AWS IoT FindMyShip, Seeed Studio Edge Servers (reComputer J4012) in IoT Chess and IoT Robotics Chess, Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Kit in Deep Racer Vx.

Highlight 3: The Immersive Live Demo to Track the AWS IoT & Seeed Studio Team Live!

To make your experience at re:Invent even more immersive, we also worked with the AWS IoT team to present you with this interactive live demo, where effortlessly locate Channa Samynathan, AWS Senior Specialist Solutions Architect – IoT & Robotics, and Kevin Yang, Product Director at Seeed Studio. They will be equipped with the Seeed Studio SenseCAP T1000 tracker. Click on the map to follow their real-time location and even trigger the buzzer on their trackers. Connect with them seamlessly by visiting the tracking panel.

How to explore this live demo:

  1. Locate Channa & Kevin: Access the maps to pinpoint their real-time location at re:Invent.
  2. Connect and Consult: Approach them for inquiries or collaboration opportunities.
  3. Interactive Features: Press the “Play Sound” button to activate the buzzer on their T1000 tracker, allowing you to connect with them quickly.
  4. Track Their Path: Visualize Channa and Kevin’s journey throughout the event via the Track Replay feature, making it easier to locate them at any given time.

Explore the Tracking Dashboard to view their location, the temperature collected by their trackers, the amount of light sensed, and SOS events from Kevin’s Tracker.  Click the button to locate and poke them NOW.

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  1. Bringing classic chess to life with robots controlled by IoT technology is mind-blowing! The Seeed reComputer powering the robots in both the IoT Chess and Robotic Chess demos just amplifies the coolness factor. Can’t wait to see those pawns battle it out!

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