Revitalizing Nantou Ancient Town: A Co-Creation Adventure

Partnering with Vanke Urban Research, Seeed Studio spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative over the last three months, resulting in the creation and implementation of the Micro-city Advanced Perception and Decision-making Assistance System. This innovative system, comprised of three distinct IoT solutions strategically deployed in Nantou, aimed to breathe new life into the historic urban enclave.

Recognizing the importance of community engagement in the revitalization process, we decided to host a co-creation symposium. By aligning with Maker Faire Shenzhen 2023 as a highlight satellite event, it drew 27 participants from various backgrounds across the globe. Let’s dive into the interesting parts of this captivating journey.

Our adventure began at the south gate of Nantou at 4 pm, where Daria from Vanke Urban Research provided a captivating introduction to the town’s historical background. Renowned for its well-preserved urban heritage, cultural abundance, and historical significance, Nantou has been the focus of the Nantou Ancient Town Conservation and Adaptive Reuse Project since 2019. This initiative, led by the Nanshan district government in collaboration with Vanke Urban Research, is dedicated to preserving heritage, enhancing living conditions, and fostering innovation and design within the ancient town.

Navigating to the solutions venue, we delved into the real-world applications of our efforts. Here, Our sales and marketing manager Roise introduced our Multi-functional Intelligent Ecological Meteorological Monitoring Station (utilizes advanced sensors like the SenseCAP S1000 and radiation detectors to gather a comprehensive range of environmental metrics. Its insights into air quality, solar radiation, and UV levels enhance urban ecological evaluations and weather-based decision-making.), Soil Moisture Monitoring Station (monitors soil conditions, ensuring the town’s green spaces receive optimal care.This station assesses soil conditions such as temperature, humidity, and conductivity.), and Daily Management Monitoring Station(this blends AI visual sensors with utility monitoring tools. It not only flags full waste bins for swift collection but also oversees water usage via smart meters, ensuring leak detection and equitable billing.), showcasing the tangible impact of our technological interventions.

In a meeting room buzzing with energy, we engaged in profound discussions about the revelations from Nantou Ancient Town. Notably, Kate Armstrong and Mitalee Parikh from the Fab City Foundation joined us, providing valuable insights to optimize our solutions. The Fab City Foundation, a global movement advocating sustainable urban development and digital manufacturing, aims to make cities self-sufficient and environmentally conscious. We hope that our solutions, guided by their expertise, can transcend beyond Shenzhen, addressing urban challenges and fostering renovations in other cities worldwide.

Our digital transformation of Nantou Ancient Town goes beyond mere technological enhancement; it stands as a beacon of renewal. Confronting challenges such as dense populations, temporary residents, and aging facilities, our system envisions turning these hurdles into opportunities for a sustainable, enriched future. If you’re grappling with similar issues in your locality, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for IoT solutions!

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November 2023