Seeed Studio and Scailable Announce Partnership to Scale Edge AI Solutions powered by  NVIDIA Jetson Platform 

Edge AI solutions often start from creative ideas to optimize business processes with AI. These ideas evolve into Proof-of-Concept (PoC) phases, where initial AI pipelines are crafted, involving data capture, inference generation, post-processing, and result visualization. However, deploying PoC AI-models to edge devices, let alone fleets of them, can be challenging.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Scailable, offering a streamlined approach to deploy AI models on Seeed’s edge devices, like reComputer, powered by NVIDIA Jetson. This collaboration ensures developers efficiently utilize the hardware of GPU for rapid video decoding and efficient model inference. Scailable makes the transition from edge AI/ML Proof of Concept to actual large-scale deployment effortless.

Scailable’s middleware provides a platform-independent solution for deploying AI models on chosen edge devices, reducing time-to-market and enabling rapid iterations. Scailable’s middleware has been developed to be modular from the ground up, fully portable across devices, and provides native performance. It offers a seamless AI deployment platform for scaling models to groups of edge devices via Over-The-Air (OTA) tools, delivering visualized detection results and the ability to send meta-data (inferences) to a variety of platforms.

With Scailable, you can now easily deploy AI models at scale on NVIDIA Jetson Orin Edge devices! Explore our latest wiki to get started. The Scailable team is ready to help you scale up your edge AI solutions across a fleet of Seeed devices!

The Scailable AI Manager is also available as a plugin in the Allxon Plugin Station. This enables Allxon users to deploy Scailable’s innovative edge AI middleware as an image-based OTA update for NVIDIA Jetson devices with a simple click. This makes creating an efficient AI deployment solution at the edge extremely easy and fast.

“Scailable enables effortless efficient, modular, edge AI pipelines built with advanced embedded AI,” said Leslie Liao, VP of Edge Computing at Seeed Studio, “It is our pleasure to collaborate with the ecosystem to bring scalable and flexible hardware solutions to accelerate product to market for all developers.”

Prof.dr. Maurits Kaptein, CEO of Scailable explains the synergies between Scailable and Seeed: “Seeed provides a large selection of high-quality edge devices uniquely suited for edge AI applications. By partnering with Seeed we make the mover from edge AI proof of concept to large-scale deployment across a fleet of Seeed edge devices effortless. Our unique partnership allows us to bring edge AI to the masses.”

For more information about Seeed’s edge devices with Jetson Orin™ modules and how they can enhance your AI projects, please visit our website.

Scailable is a leader in edge AI middleware, providing software tools for the efficient deployment of AI models on a variety of supported edge devices. With Scailable, companies can significantly reduce time-to-market, iterate faster, and enhance their AI capabilities. For more information and to get started:

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October 2023