Recreating a Fictional Character with Raspberry Pi Pico W & Seeed Studio Fusion

We are thrilled to share with you a remarkable project that brings a fictional character to life through an ingenious blend of mechanical engineering. Hannu, one of our talented makers, has taken inspiration from the Addams Family’s ‘Thing’ and has created a fantastic robotic version of it using Seeed Studio Fusion‘s PCB manufacturing services. In this article, we will delve into the details of this project and unveil the remarkable results.


‘Thing’, portrayed as a mysterious and versatile character in the Addams Family series, has captured the imaginations of viewers for generations. Hannu’s project aims to recreate this intriguing character, especially the version featured in the Netflix show Wednesday. This mechanical ‘Thing’ serves as a perfect companion for various occasions, including Halloween, costume parties and more!

Key Features of 'Thing'

Powered by Raspberry Pi Pico W: The heart of this project is a Raspberry Pi Pico W, which serves as the central control unit for the mechanical ‘Thing’. With 16 PWM independent channels, it effortlessly manages the 16 servo motors responsible for the robot’s movement. Hannu took full advantage of the latest software updates from Raspberry Pi, enabling seamless Bluetooth connectivity with the remote control.

Precise Movement: The mechanical ‘Thing’ boasts 16 Degrees of Freedom (DOF), enabling it to articulate various postures similar to ‘Thing’ from the TV series. Each finger has 3 DOF, capable of moving up and down, while the base of the fingers can move left and right. These intricate movements are achieved through the use of servo motors, making it an impressive feat of engineering.

3D Printing: The 3D models for this project were meticulously crafted using Fusion360. The finger part is designed in three sections, with realistic movement patterns. They can move 40 degrees upward and 140 degrees downward, offering a wide range of motion.

Remote Control: The remote offers a convenient and user-friendly interface, allowing Hannu to effortlessly command the ‘Thing’s’ movements. Seeed Studio Fusion took great pride in contributing to this project by assisting Hannu in crafting high-quality custom PCBs for the remote control.

Customized Fingernails: Hannu’s exceptional attention to detail extends to the fingernails part. Each finger features separate fingernails, with a unique cracked nail for added authenticity. This design pays homage to the character nuances seen in the TV series.

Motion Analysis and Programming: With 16 DOF, achieving various postures and movements required a comprehensive understanding of motion analysis. An inverse kinematic model was developed to calculate the angles of the servos in each finger section. This model was then used to program its movements, ensuring precise control over its actions.

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