Smart Security Sites for Community Safety Maintaining and Early Warning

Hardware: reComputer J1020v2 with NVIDIA Jetson Nano module

Use Case Provider: Spectur

Application: Security Management

Industry: Smart City

Deployment Location: Australia, New Zealand


In light of the recent surge in violent crime across Australia since the start of 2023, it is now critical for local authorities to proactively address this issue. As the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, criminal activity is resurfacing, posing both financial burdens on local governments and a sense of insecurity in communities. According to the ABS, 2% of Australian households were broken into in 2021-2022, which equates to 194,100 homes.


Traditional monitoring systems have limitations in deterring crime, primarily recording incidents as they occur. However, by transitioning to advanced technology such as autonomous monitoring systems with active deterrence, we can actively deter potential criminals and effectively respond to threats, thus preventing criminal activities. This shift is particularly vital as some regions are witnessing troubling increases in unlawful entries and property damage, making the adoption of innovative surveillance technology an urgent necessity to reverse this trend and protect our communities.

The whole community required the identification of potential threats as they unfolded, coordination with emergency response systems for rapid reactions, active community engagement, mitigation of public safety risks, and the utilization of data analytics for predictive safety enhancements. This comprehensive approach ensured that our solution not only addressed security concerns but also contributed to the overall well-being of the communities it served.


Spectur delivers the new HD6 solar-powered site safety system powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano, which is integrated into a custom interface board that provides input and output functionality along with Modbus communications and watchdog functionality.  The whole AI vision system includes an IP camera, LED floodlight, PA speaker, and 4G modem, providing 24-7 monitoring service in unwired environments.

The HD6 cameras maintain constant vigilance, operating continuously within a 45 to 110-degree field of view or upon passive infrared detection. Each site is capable of covering a 120-150m distance for good detecting performance. Leveraging the capabilities of cloud-based AI, they meticulously discern between human and vehicle movement, effectively filtering out over 95% of false alarms triggered by animals, clouds, or other objects. When deployed, these cameras promptly generate alerts upon detecting a person or vehicle within their designated monitoring zones, initiating both an audible and visual alarm at the site and simultaneously dispatching the event to Spectur users, ensuring swift and efficient response to potential security incidents.

Business Impact and Result

Video analytics is paramount for local governments, ensuring community safety and safeguarding public spaces and infrastructure from harm. Spectur systems provide advanced technology for effective public space monitoring and crime deterrence. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), crime costs in Australia for 2020-21 ranged from $24.8 billion to $60.1 billion, underlining the importance of crime prevention in both enhancing community well-being and conserving resources that can be redirected towards vital community programs and infrastructure.

Beyond theft and property damage, local governments face the challenge of illegal dumping, with removal and disposal costs often reaching millions of dollars yearly. Autonomous monitoring systems offer an efficient solution, streamlining site monitoring to save time and resources, ultimately bolstering the operational efficiency of local governments.


Spectur provides security, safety, environmental monitoring, and visual AI solutions that contribute to making communities safer, smarter, and more sustainable.  Spectur develops, manufactures, and sells solar-powered and remotely connected hardware, and also writes firmware, software, cloud, and web apps that enable solutions to be delivered reliably and securely to customers.  An in-house customer service team provides warehousing, installation, repair, and maintenance services to Spectur customers and resellers.  The Company also provides a selection of 3rd party hardware and software to supplement the in-house capabilities.  

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