Vision AI Helps Improve Customer Satisfaction: Learn from Your Customers’ Behavior and Respond Fast

Hardware: NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX

Application: Shopper Flow Analysis & Queue Detection

Industry: Retail Operation Strategy

Deployment Location: US, Germany

In today’s fast-paced retail landscape, understanding and responding to customer behavior is pivotal to optimizing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction. Traditional methods of data collection and analysis in retail have proven inadequate in providing real-time insights, hampering the ability to adapt swiftly to changing consumer preferences and behaviors. As the retail industry grapples with increased competition and evolving customer expectations, it’s getting more and more important to learn from the data, and make informed decisions that improve operational strategies and, ultimately, elevate the overall shopping experience.


Analyzing daily customer behavior in a shopping mall presents a multitude of complex challenges. Firstly, traditional methods of data collection, such as manual surveys or basic surveillance cameras, fall short of providing comprehensive insights into customer interactions. These methods are not only labor-intensive but also lack the ability to discern critical details like dwelling times at specific locations, gender identification, customer distribution, and total flow count of shoppers.

Moreover, managing the volume of data generated in real-time is daunting, making it difficult to process and extract meaningful information efficiently. The need for immediate insights is crucial in a rapidly changing retail landscape where adapting to customer preferences can significantly impact profitability.


To better tackle these difficulties, the retail operation management solution shows real power for it, which is powered by the Lumeo people recognition model and region of interest method inferencing through NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano, dedicated to transforming each IP camera into an intelligent observer. It enables the collection of intricate data, including the number of consumers gazing at shop windows or entering stores, comprehensive visitor trajectories, and identification of the most frequented areas within the store. Retailers can now analyze shopper flow, gauge dwell times, and calculate conversion rates for each store, empowering them with data-driven decisions for enhancing customer experiences.

In addition, this system offers a proactive approach to managing customer service through real-time video analysis. It tracks the number of customers currently being served and automatically detects queues, with precise waiting time calculations for each customer. The information allows retailers to efficiently allocate staff resources as needed or redirect customers to available service counters using interactive signage. By combining detailed customer insights with intelligent queuing management, the solution not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes retail operations, ensuring a seamless and personalized shopping experience.

Learn more step guidance from our wiki to figure out how to exercise the retail demo on the Lumeo platform!

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