Stock Management with Edge AI Capability in Intelligent Industry

Hardware: NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

Application: Inventory Update & Precise Object Location

Industry: Stock Inventory Management

Deployment Location: U.S

In this world where every resource counts, the imperative to revolutionize how we control industrial stock has never been more pressing. Efficient inventory control is usually the linchpin that holds together production, distribution, and profitability.

Yet, the traditional methods of managing stock have often struggled to keep pace with the complexities and demands of today’s industrial landscape. Manual tracking and legacy systems are increasingly falling short in the face of growing stock volumes, intricate supply chains, and the need for real-time insights. The current scenario is one characterized by inefficiencies, overstocked warehouses driving up operational costs, and frequent production bottlenecks due to inadequate inventory levels.


Multiple challenges may pop up for the warehouse owners if they want to achieve cost-effectiveness and operational excellence.

Inaccuracy stock tracking

Traditional manual tracking methods often lead to inaccuracies in stock data, making it difficult to have a precise understanding of inventory levels and locations. This lack of real-time visibility can result in misplaced items, production delays, and increased labor costs, leading to waste resource pressure.

Inefficient item Locating

The sheer scale of industrial warehouses and the diversity of products within them make it a daunting task to locate specific items promptly. Without a smart and automated solution, employees may spend excessive time searching for items, leading to inefficiencies and decreased productivity


To effectively address the complex challenges of real-time industrial stock management, a comprehensive solution emerges through the strategic fusion of cutting-edge technologies. Leveraging the remarkable capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano paired with web cameras – whether mounted on associates’ heads or held by hand – this solution empowers warehouses to revolutionize their inventory control processes.

By utilizing the YOLOv8 models, renowned for their prowess in object detection and recognition, along with the robust image processing capabilities of OpenCV, the system can precisely count and analyze items on the warehouse shelves in real-time. This integration allows for the seamless generation and updating of stock information by interpreting object coordinates and scanning barcodes.

Moreover, it provides associates with pinpoint accurate location data for specific items, streamlining retrieval processes. The solution also seamlessly integrates with internal systems and databases, ensuring that all departments are synchronized and equipped with up-to-the-minute inventory data. By harnessing the deep learning capabilities of YOLOv8, retailers and industrial warehouses can optimize their stock management, minimize wastage, and enhance the efficient movement of products throughout their supply chain, easily meeting the demands of the modern industrial landscape with unprecedented precision and efficiency.

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