Seeed Studio Partners with Traxmate to Offer Seamless Asset Tracking Solutions

Seeed Studio partners with Traxmate to introduce an inclusive range of asset tracking solutions, prominently featuring the compact LoRaWAN Tracker, SenseCAP T1000. This card-sized tracker, powered by Semtech’s LR1110 chipset, ensures precise indoor and outdoor tracking using GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies. With adaptive capabilities, local data storage, and an extended battery life, SenseCAP T1000 is a versatile solution equipped with integrated sensors for temperature, light, and motion monitoring. Traxmate contributes a robust tracking data processing hub, showcased at The Things Conference. This partnership aims to make advanced asset tracking accessible across industries through innovative, scalable solutions.

We’re excited to announce that Seeed Studio has partnered with Traxmate, a leading provider of IoT tracking solutions, to bring you a comprehensive suite of asset tracking solutions. This partnership centers around our affordable LoRaWAN® Tracker, SenseCAP T1000. Together, we’re collaborating to bring you end-to-end indoor and outdoor tracking solutions.

SenseCAP T1000, powered by Semtech’s LR1110 chipset, is a compact LoRaWAN® tracker that is card-sized and utilizes GNSS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technologies to ensure accuracy in both outdoor and indoor tracking. With features like self-geo-adaptive capabilities which allow it to adapt to various tracking environments, local data storage for efficient data management, and an impressive extended battery life that spans months. Furthermore, it comes equipped with integrated temperature, light, and motion sensors, making it a versatile solution for a variety of applications related to location and status monitoring.

Traxmate complements this partnership by providing a robust tracking data processing hub that simplifies the configuration of tracking environments and offers real-time device location visualization. The integration of SenseCAP T1000 into the Traxmate IoT platform was demonstrated at The Things Conference from 21 to 22 September in Amsterdam. Here in this video, you can see two SenseCAP T1000 trackers walking around booth B04 at The Things Conference 2023 with historical traces on the Traxmate platform.

This partnership between Seeed Studio and Traxmate signifies a joint commitment to make advanced asset tracking solutions accessible to a diverse array of industries. Our combined expertise and innovative technologies aim to provide scalable, reliable data collection solutions to meet the demands of today’s businesses.

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You can also learn how to create a tracking solution with SenseCAP T1000 on Traxmate from our wiki tutorial.

About Traxmate

Traxmate is an IoT asset-tracking platform that offers comprehensive indoor and outdoor tracking capabilities for connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Their platform is thoughtfully designed to simplify the setup of tracking environments and enables real-time tracking of various devices. It supports a wide range of hybrid positioning technologies to ensure accurate tracking both indoors and outdoors. Traxmate’s connectivity extends to more than 1200 different tracking devices, making it versatile and adaptable. Notably, Traxmate employs Combain’s innovative indoor 3D positioning service, which delivers precise floor and room-level accuracy. This service utilizes existing Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth beacons within facilities, ensuring that the system remains up to date and accommodating changes seamlessly.

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