Streamlining Defect Detection: Raspberry Pi Empowers Deep Learning-based Inspection Systems for Manufacturing


A solution provider designing and developing deep learning technologies-based inspection systems for manufacturers deploys reTerminal DM as the HMI for their Al vision system. 

The system is utilized for pattern manufacturing and inspection during the mass production process, with a particular focus on improving the efficiency of defect detection and assembly verification. It reduces the time and error rate associated with manual inspection. The system will be extended to a wider range of production scenarios in the future.

Key Info

Seeed Solution: Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal DM

Industry: Manufacture / AI Detection


In the manufacturing industry, the occurrence of defective products is inevitable, which can affect overall product yield and shipment efficiency. In severe cases, it can lead to customer complaints and harm brand reputation.

Having a stable and reliable defect detection system that efficiently and accurately detects and analyzes product defects, while rapidly presenting detection results, is a challenging task that all production workshops and factories must address.

Our partner has a highly mature defect detection system and software. They are currently seeking a reliable hardware provider that can seamlessly integrate with their defect detection software and operate reliably on the production line for an extended period. This partnership aims to enable their customer factories to implement defect detection on their production lines effectively.


Seeed Studio, as an official design partner of Raspberry Pi Ltd, has been committed to the research and production of Raspberry Pi edge devices, aiming to connect makers and industries.

Our partner chose the reTerminal DM, equipped with their AI detection camera and deployed with their deep learning algorithms. Leveraging the open-source platform of Raspberry Pi, they can seamlessly integrate their proprietary software. Additionally, the low-power advantages of the ARM architecture enable users to run the system stably for 24/7 while saving a significant amount on power consumption costs.

As an industrial-grade HMI, the robust design and multiple industrial interfaces of the reTerminal DM make it highly suitable for various products and factory environments. This helps partners eliminate many choice costs and addresses time and opportunity costs.

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Seeed Studio has also developed a series of wikis for the topic of computer vision by deploying OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) with our Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal (deviation of reTerminal DM), such as face detection, object detection, and color detection, guiding you through the power of Raspberry Pi and computer vision.

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Seeed Studio has been serving the Raspberry Pi user community since 2013 and took the lead to join the approved reseller and design partner. Since the first version of reTerminal in 2021, we have a series of products including reRouteredge controller series, and this year reTerminal DM, serving creators, makers, enthusiasts, students, engineers, enterprises as well as industries, and every scenario needing Raspberry Pi. 

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