Tools and Accessories Empowered by Seeed Studio XIAO Series

XIAO has become a versatile platform for various tools and accessories due to its exceptional features. As a series of ready-for-production development boards, XIAO offers a compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and a wide range of peripherals. It serves as a comprehensive microcontroller, with all surface-mount device (SMD) components conveniently placed on a single side of the board. Moreover, it functions as a functional module that can seamlessly integrate into larger compute systems, simplifying the process of designing and building complex electronic systems.

XIAO ESP32 S3 Handheld Camera- Pocket Edition

A portable pocket edition of the XIAO ESP32S3 handheld camera to cater to the growing demand for photography. By utilizing the capabilities of the XIAO ESP32S3 development board and custom PCB services from Seeed Fusion, Arnov has created a convenient and efficient camera for travel enthusiasts, photographers, and creators. The camera incorporates various components such as a central processor, Wi-Fi module, radiofrequency circuit, memory, sensors, and small electronic components to ensure high-speed image processing and storage. Arnov designed the circuit, assembled the camera, wrote the necessary code, and used 3D printing for the housing. Despite challenges, this versatile handheld camera aims to inspire DIY and innovation in the photography community.

Neonatal Incubator Monitoring using XIAO nRF52840 Sense

The design utilizes various hardware components including Blues Notecard (Cellular), Blues Notecarrier-A, Seeed Studio Seeed XIAO BLE nRF52840 Sense, and a 60GHz mmWave Sensor for breathing and heartbeat detection. Additionally, it incorporates sensors such as temperature and humidity sensors, barometer sensors, and eCO2/CO2 sensors to monitor the environment inside the incubator. The collected data from the sensors is processed by a microcontroller, which transfers it to the cloud server via the Blues Notecard cellular module. The cloud server, based on Blues Notehub, stores the data and provides a web interface for doctors and parents to remotely access and monitor the incubator parameters. The system can also send notifications via email or SMS if any parameter exceeds predefined thresholds or in case of emergencies.

SenseCAP Sensor Builder, an Open-Source Tool to Build RS485 Sensors With Grove

Powered by Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 dual-core ARM M0+ processor, with a USB-C port for easy code uploading, this design can convert 500+ existing Grove sensors to MODBUS RS485 industrial-grade sensors. You can easily finish the upgrade from maker/Arduino products to industrial-level products. Six popular environmental Grove sensors are already fully compatible with native firmware. It is compatible with your data logger and IoT platform. An IP66 waterproof rate outdoor enclosure with a customized mounting panel is included, suitable for pole and wall installation. 

PCB Hotplate Powered by XIAO SAMD21

The temperature of the heating coil is displayed on an OLED screen. The XIAO SAMD21 board, which measures only 20.3mm x 17.8mm, is used to power the system. PCBs are used for the creation of coils directly on the board layer, which can then be used as heating elements. This is because when electricity is passed through a material with some resistance, heat is generated. By designing coils on the PCB, each 1mm wide with a resistance of 2.2 ohms, electricity can be passed through them, and they heat up to create a small heating element. PCB design and fabrication are easy and hassle-free, allowing for quick and efficient production.

Current Measuring Tool Using XIAO ESP32C3 & ACS758 Sensor

This design demonstrates how to accurately measure current using the XIAO ESP32C3 and ACS758 sensor, which is essential for electronic projects and power measurement and control applications. The XIAO ESP32C3 board can read current data through code, providing accurate measurements. The designer also covers practical tips for calibrating the sensor and optimizing its performance, making this design useful for hobbyists, students, and professional engineers alike.

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XIAO is a series of ready-for-production development boards with a compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals. As a complete microcontroller with all SMD components placed on the same side of the board, it is also a functional module that can act as a building block for larger compute systems to simplify designing and building complex electronic systems by providing a pre-integrated and tested platform. By adopting XIAO, you can focus on creating the unique features and functions of the system, without worrying about the time and effort involved in integrating and testing the individual components.

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