Robotic Designs Based on XIAO Series

Designed as a complete microcontroller with all surface mount device (SMD) components placed on a single side, XIAO serves not only as a standalone development board but also as a versatile module that seamlessly integrates into larger compute systems. With its compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals, XIAO is a good choice for robotics which has specific requirements in space, processing power, memory, and IOs.

Camera NanoTank Based on XIAO ESP32S3

The design demonstrates how to build a miniature tank using Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 and a corresponding camera module. The guide provides detailed instructions, images, and links to necessary supplies and resources.

3D Printed Screw-propelled Robot With Video Feed Built on XIAO ESP32S3 Sense

A screw-propelled vehicle is a type of land or amphibious vehicle that uses one or more auger-like cylinders fitted with a helical flange to move. The cylinders are rotated by an engine, and the flange engages with the ground or water to propel the vehicle forward. Screw-propelled vehicles are often used in areas with difficult terrain, such as snow, ice, mud, and swamps. They are also used in some military applications. This design is a fully 3d printed simple version of a screw-propelled vehicle, so anyone with a 3d print can build it, the designer also tried to reduce the number of parts in it like ball bearings which is unnecessary for this small light robot. It is based on Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32S3 Sense, we can control this robot with a smartphone through wifi, also we can get a low-latency video feed from the robot.

A Mini Self-Balancing Robot Powered by XIAO ESP32C3

It is a self-balancing robot with three layers including a ground layer with an H-bridge motor driver, a second layer with a lithium cell and charging/boost IC, and a top layer with a Seeed XIAO ESP32C3 and an MPU6050 Module for gyro/accelerometer sensing. The robot uses a smaller 3V gear DC motor powered by a 3.7V 2200mAh lithium cell and an IP5306 Boost Module configuration. The project is still in its early stages, with code editing and motor driver tweaks needed.

A Sumo Style Wrestling League for Hexapod Robots Powered by XIAO ESP32C3

The design is intended to be affordable, with a minimal bill of materials, making it an accessible and easy way to learn about robotics. By building and controlling these hexapods, makers can gain experience in programming, electronics, and mechanical design. The project offers a fun and engaging way to learn these skills, making it an excellent starting point for beginners in robotics.

Radio-Controlled Cars Powered by XIAO RP2040

The final product was a remote-controlled car that could be controlled from up to 30 meters away using a mobile app and showcased the capabilities of the XIAO RP2040 and Bluetooth technology. The designer aimed to create a compact and efficient PCB that could control the motors and communicate with the mobile app using Bluetooth. He also chose Eagle software to design the PCB and included essential components such as a voltage regulator, motor driver, and Bluetooth module to ensure the car could be controlled wirelessly from a mobile device.

About XIAO Series

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XIAO is a series of ready-for-production development boards with a compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals. As a complete microcontroller with all SMD components placed on the same side of the board, it is also a functional module that can act as a building block for larger compute systems to simplify designing and building complex electronic systems by providing a pre-integrated and tested platform. By adopting XIAO, you can focus on creating the unique features and functions of the system, without worrying about the time and effort involved in integrating and testing the individual components.

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