Robotic Designs Based on XIAO Series

Designed as a complete microcontroller with all surface mount device (SMD) components placed on a single side, XIAO serves not only as a standalone development board but also as a versatile module that seamlessly integrates into larger compute systems. With its compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals, XIAO is a good choice for robotics which has specific requirements in space, processing power, memory, and IOs.

Smart Home Reference Designs Based on Seeed Studio XIAO Series

Due to a compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, single-sided components, and rich peripherals, XIAO Series has captured the attention of product designers worldwide, becoming the go-to choice for creating cutting-edge smart home solutions. In this blog, we delve into the exceptional designs crafted by the vibrant community of product designers. Hope these designs could bring you inspiration for your own projects.

XIAO System-on-Modules: The Ultimate Choice to Streamline Product Design, Providing a Seamless Experience from Module Selection to Mass Production

Since 2020, we have been developing a series of thumb-sized development boards called XIAO. In 2022, our hard work paid off as we sold an impressive 172,000 XIAO boards in a year. We are thrilled to see how our XIAO boards have enabled innovators and creators to bring their ideas to life. More surprisingly and gratefully, users show us the huge potential of XIAO by utilizing them in various vertical applications. In 2023, we decided to offer comprehensive service with greater flexibility and more customization options, empowering you to tailor XIAO-based products.

Seeed Studio Presents at Hackaday Supercon 2022

Hackaday Supercon is taking place on November 4-6th in Pasadena CA. And Seeed Studio will present at the conference by 3 amazing builders from our community: Debra Ansell (AKA GeekMomProjects), Shawn Hymel, and Christina Cyr in the format of talk and workshops!


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