Vote to Win a $50 Coupon for the Seeed Project of the Month-MAY

Hey community, ready for another entry in the Seeed Project of the Month Campaign? Now, to celebrate projects that spark throughout the past May, we’re excited to announce the Project of the Month-May Campaign on our Twitter.

You are all invited to vote for your favorite project from the following 4 amazing candidate projects shared by the community members on Hackster. The most voted project will be awarded as the Seeed Project of the Month: May. By just voting on Twitter, you will be entered to win a Seeed $50 Coupon! We will randomly select 2 lucky voters. Give it a shot and 2 winners will be announced on June 13th!

P.S. Here are the details of the 4 Candidate Projects. Please do take a look before voting your voice.

Project 1 BLE AI-driven Smartwatch Detecting Potential Sun Damage

Sun exposure may be detrimental to our health. Kutluhan Aktar made a wearable device capable of tracking certain environmental factors and translating them into a risk level for sun damage, which used XIAO BLE, Grove UV sensor, with EdgeImpulse.

Project 2 Cistercian keyboard

Tauno Erik made this amazing Cistercian Keyboard, a keypad with cipher numerals based on an XIAO RP2040 and a custom Fusion PCB, which contains four columns and five rows of switches.

Project 3 How to Setup Your Own Remote Weather Station Using LoRaWAN

Gathering weather data for remote locations has always been very expensive due to data costs and infrastructure. However, with LoRaWAN long-range coverage, we can install the LoRaWAN hotspot in a more accessible area and install the weather station far from the hotspot. In this project, Team Parley Labs will show us how to use a Seeed SenseCAP S900 weather station along with a Dragino RS485 to LoRaWAN converter to have a remote weather station setup.

Project 4 MCube box – a personalized message box

This cute 3D printed box is stuffed with a Wio terminal and NeoPixel ring. Sashrika wanted to give a tech gadget to her mother on this year’s Mothers’ day and came up with this idea. She can share pictures and messages to the box from anywhere around the world. When the box receives any picture, the ring turns pink and buzzes to notify her mother.

p.s. The project creator of the Seeed Project of the Month will be awarded a $100 Coupon. Want your project to run the campaign next time? Share it with us by uploading it to Hackster.

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