We Listen and Take Action #8: New UK Warehouse Open Live

We have always endeavored to improve the efficiency of our operation and reduce the shipping costs for a better customer experience. The UK is one of the most important integrations for us. As we are aware of some inconveniences that our UK customers have been going through, we found a new warehouse location in the UK in order to serve our customers in an efficient, effective, and profitable manner.  

With the UK warehouse open, we can bring the following benefits to you: 

Customers Receive Orders Faster

International warehouse means cutting both shipping costs and shipping time for you. Once you finalize your orders, the purchases are sent from our UK warehouse and expected to be received in 2-3 working days with about $3-$8 shipping fees depending on the product weight. This is a huge difference compared to shipping from warehouses in different countries, which could last from 5-7 days or even a couple of weeks. 

Lower Damage Rate for Package

Shipping from warehouses in other countries may have a higher risk of the package damage and we know that it’s really inconvenient for you to request replacement or resending if happens. Normally, your package will go through a series of processes like export transportation, export customs clearance, origin processing, shipping, import customs clearance, destination processing, and import transportation. Your packages will probably experience the bumps of ships and trucks, the squeeze of goods, and the damage in moving. But with our UK warehouse, the transport distances and process will be shortened so that the damage rate for packages will be largely reduced.

No need for Clearance

Customs clearance is the act of getting permission from the associated government agency to either move goods out of a country (export) or bring goods into the country (import), which includes the process of customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release, etc. As a result, our international shipment must go through customs clearance before delivering to the customer. However, it will be greatly different if your purchases are sent from our UK warehouse. You will save so much time and energy without going through the import customs clearance yourself, and get a faster shipment or easier replacement if needed.

Flexible and More Diverse Product Range

You can decide the product range in the UK warehouse by yourself! Just leave your comments on our Wishing Well to tell us what specific product you want us to ship to the UK warehouse, SenseCAP M1/M2, SenseCAP S210x series, reTerminal or XIAO BLE… YOU NAME IT! 

We may open different overseas warehouses based on your needs, and make your voice heard in Wishing Well

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      Thank you for your comments. Of course, we do have some plans for a warehouse in the EU and we’re in the process recently. Please stay tuned and we will be delighted to hear more from you. Please feel free to leave any suggestions here.

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