We Listen and Take Action #3: Wio-E5 Modules are Available in Tape/Reel Packaging

As today’s electronics designs become smaller and more complex, many of our customers are adopting surface-mount technology (SMT) to make electronics manufacturing more efficient. 

Through SMT technology, PCBs are populated with the help of automated machines that place the components onto the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) and are then reflow soldered. In contrast to conventional through-hole technology (THT) processes, SMT components are placed directly on the surface of the PCB instead of being soldered via a wire lead in a plated hole on the board. When it comes to electronics assembly, SMT is the most frequently used method in the industry.

Wio-E5 LoRaWAN module is a component suitable for various IoT node designs. We have many clients that have successfully scaled up and expanded their business using the Wio-E5 module and Seeed Fusion PCBA services. However, through the Seeed shop, we only provided the module in bulk packaging before and lacked the consideration for our customers’ SMT needs. One client reflected this problem to us earlier this month, and we responded quickly to his request. Just one week later, Wio-E5 module was available on the Seeed store in tape and reel packaging. 

Reel Packaging

Note: Select the Tape Reel version and quantities less than 1000 pieces will be sent in bulk tape form and quantities of 1000 pieces or more will be sent on reels of 1000 pieces, with the remainder sent in tape form.

Bulk Packaging

If you prefer the modules packaged individually, please select the Bulk version. These are loose parts and are not specially packaged for automated SMT assembly. 

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