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Seeed Studio Fusion offers one stop high-quality, low volume yet affordable PCBA service with 10 years' experience, ideal for engineering firms, makers, Kickstarter projects and students. Instant online quote, no hidden costs, no strings attached, no delays.

Beyond small scale prototyping, Seeed also offers Propagate Service to satisfy more advanced and customized requirements, including mass production planning, certification, drop shipping arrangements, publicity and advertising.

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Turnkey, Quick Turn, Low-volume Prototype PCB Assembly Service

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1OO% Quality Guarantee
100% quality guarantee, offer free re-do if needed.All the parts sourced from reliable suppliers and each board will have visual inspection. AOI testing, ICT and functional test will be applied if needed.
Fast Delivery
Assembly will be finished from 8 hours to 48 hours when we have all the parts. We have an in-stock open part library with more than 800 parts. If all the parts are from Seeed Studio OPL, the delivery time will be 5-7 days. 
Reasonable Price
All the PCBA order starts from $25 set up fee with $0.01 to $0.3 per one component without hidden cost. It is super suitable for team even with tight budget to have 1 PCBA trial with Fusion for starter. FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING FOR PCBA!
Small Batch
We support small batch PCBA starting from 1 piece to 1000 pieces. Verify the product with the lowest cost without extra shipping fee or processing fee for the prototype or small batch stage.
Mature Capabilities
Seeed Fusion PCBA offers through-hole assembly, SMT Assembly, kit assembly, mixed assembly with IPC-A-610F standard, which applies for rigid board assembly, flex board assembly and rigid flex assembly.
Online Instant Quote
Seeed has adopted a very advanced order system for PCBA order, which makes it possible to realize the instant quote. With proper formatted BOM, our system can read your quote directly with PCB cost, part cost and assembly cost.  
Value Added Service
Besides prototype and small volume production, we also offer propagate service to satisfy more advanced customized requirement like cost down consultancy, package service, certificate service and drop shipping fulfillment. 
Thoughtful Customer Service
For each PCBA order, we will assign a professional project manager to help you process the order with thoughtful customer service. You will also have assistance from Seeed’s engineer team.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.

Assembly Capabilities

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Assembly Types
  • SMT Assembly
  • BGA Assembly
  • Through-hole Assembly
  • Mixed Assembly
  • Kit Assembly
PCB Types for assembly
  • FR4 Rigid Board
  • Aluminum Board
  • Flex Board
  • Rigid - Flex Board
Solder Types
  • Lead - free/RoHS compliant
Lead Time
  • From 8 hours to 48 hours when components are ready
Component Types
  • Ball Grid Arrays (BGA) of 0.25mm Pitch With X-ray testing
  • Passive Components as small as 01005 package
  • Fine Pitch Components as small as 0.38mm pitch
Test Types
  • Visual inspection
  • X - ray Inspection
  • AOI Testing
  • In-Circuit Test
  • Functional test
Reliable suppliers for components
  • More than 600 in stock components ( OPL)
  • Help source from Digikey/Mouser/TME/Element 14

PCB Assembly Test Capabilities

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CategoryProduct FunctionTest TypeTest Location
MCU51 serial MCU
AVR serial MCU
ARM Cortex M0,M0+,M3,M4 serial
IC ProgrammingSeeed's Fab
General FeaturesGPIO Functional Test
Voltage/Electricity Current/ Resistance Test
I2C/Uart/SPI/CAN/One wire/SWD
Temperature/ Humidity/ Atmospheric Pressure/ Luminance ...
Functional TestSeeed's Fab
Sub-1 GHz 315/433/868/915
Functional TestSeeed's Fab
Monoboard ComputerBeagle Bone/Raspberry pi/……Functional TestSeeed's Fab
CertificateFCC/CE/GS/Telec/……Certificate of law and regulationLab

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