We Listen and Take Action #10: Mid-year ‘Share2Get’ month-long campaign in full swing

Hi, community! We’re already over halfway through 2022 and our “We Listen and Take Action” campaign is still moving forward. As we have always mentioned, we hope you share your suggestion or ideas in the wishing well, so we can better understand your needs as well as the potential improvements that we can make to our products or services.

We Listen and Take Action # Mid-Year Review & Coupons Giveaway

During the past half-year, we have heard a variety of valuable voices from Seeed customers all over the world regarding products, shopping cart settlement, product shipping costs, project ideas, etc. As a reward, we have given out a discount coupon ($10 off over $100) to customers who joined this campaign. This discount coupon has been sent to the customer’s mailbox and can be used for any product retailed on Seeed’s official website.

?‍♂️ ?‍♀️Moreover, this “Share2Get” campaign is still going on and will end on the 15th of August, we will reply to the qualified feedback as soon as possible, so please come and speak up in Wishing Well. Feedback from every single of you may create a better user experience for all!

We Listen and Take Action # From updating documents to working with the community

We will not miss out on every little requirement from you, including the product documentation updates, adjustments to shipping method, hardware usage guide, etc.

reTerminal CM4 disassemble guide

A few days ago, we received valuable feedback saying it’s difficult to disassemble the reTerminal CM4 due to its compact design. As a result, our product team recorded this disassembling video in hopes of providing the guide way more distinct and simple.

SD slot added to reComputer J1010

To solve the customer’s problem of lacking storage on reComputer J1010, the new batch will come with the extra SD slot for you to expand the storage without adding bulk. Considering the SSD has a more sophisticated controller system and a higher cost, adding an SD slot will be the better solution for you.

After one month of collaboration with the community, we launched the LoRa-E5 CAN Development Kit. We cannot make it without the power of the community and the spirit of open-source. Furthermore, the Seeed Studio XIAO series is one of the most popular product lines, thus we have been continuously expanding XIAO with different functions based on the voice of the community. This time we captured the community’s high attention to the WIFI function and released the XIAO ESP32C3 with the highly-integrated ESP32-C3 chip equipped, features 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and BLE wireless capabilities, along with low-power cost and charging ability. There will be more to update in the future, so please stay tuned!

We believe that every single action we take based on your voice will greatly shorten the distance between us. Look forward to your participation!

✨We Listen and Take Action

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We Listen and Take Action #10: Mid-year ‘Share2Get’ month-long campaign in full swing

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