Ignite Your Passion, Fire Your Thoughts, Develop Your Grove Sensor With Seeed Fusion For A Chance To Win Over $300USD Cash Prize.

Hey community, do you still find it difficult to fulfill your project ideas using the existing 400+ Grove modules? Do you have a long-expected Grove module that we haven’t make it available? Want to realize your dream of developing your own Grove module? If your answer to these questions are all YES, here is the campaign for you!

To give back to our community and make your great ideas a reality, Seeed Fusion is now launching the Grove Sensor Co-brand Campaign to help engineers turn your Grove designs into real products that will be available on our official store. One more exciting news, all participants will get the chance to win over $300USD in cash prize by entering the campaign!

Explore & Co-Create endless Grove sensors to solve real-world challenges!

Currently, Seeed Studio has developed over 400 Grove modules ranging from sensors, LEDs, inputs, wireless, displays, actuators, breakouts, kits, and accessories, making the Grove ecosystem one of the most successful hardware development platforms. Grove sensors include a wide range of offerings that fit into the categories of environmental monitoring, motion sensing, user interface, physical monitoring, logic gate, or power. It allows users of all levels and backgrounds to explore and develop custom solutions to real-life problems both large and small.

Back in September 2018, we launched the “100+ Grove Modules Wish Campaign” with the objective of turning the top 10 ideas into a real Grove module. This event helped us develop 100 Grove sensors that the community really desired. We have always believed that listening to our community is the key to building better and more useful tools so we can all grow together.

Turn your sparkling new ideas into real Grove Sensors!

In order to give back to our community and make your great ideas a reality, Seeed Fusion are launching the Grove Sensor Co-brand Campaign to help engineers turn their Grove designs into real products that the community can purchase.  

If your design is selected by us and the designer is happy to  license the product to Seeed for manufacture and sale, then we will produce your Grove Modules Design at Seeed Fusion and make it available via Seeed Bazaar. After providing specific software documentation and Getting Started instructions, the designers will receive the payment over $300USD directly from Seeed Fusion. 

Getting excited? Keep reading to find out more.

How to enter the Grove Sensor Co-Design Campaign?

  • After you fill out this form, we will conduct the first round of application confirmation. If we approved your Grove idea, we will contact you via email & Linkedin as soon as possible, then you can start to prepare your Gerber & BOM file.
  • IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION:before you start the real design work, please refer to the GUIDELINE
  • Each person is limited to 3 PCBA boards 100% completely FREE for one Grove design, including PCB fabrication, the cost of parts, assembly and free worldwide delivery. 
  • When the above ideas are approved , please prepare your BOM File & then Contact Fusion team support ([email protected]) to apply for a Cash Coupon for settlement! (Pls note that when preparing your BOM file, please preferentially select materials in Seeed Fusion OPL, which will speed up the production of your order.)
  • Special Note: When all engineers and designers design the Grove sensors, they must conform to our Seeed Grove standard size. It is important to note that all designers must show the hole size of Grove Sensors when designing the PCB file of it.

Standard Size of Grove Sensor & Hole

Standard Size for all of Grove Sensors
Standard Hole size – 2*2.2 for all of Grove Sensors

What can you benefit from the Co-Brand Grove Sensors Program?

$300USD Cash Prize & Sell your Grove Sensors on Seeed Bazaar!

  • Win an easy $50USD cash prize

When you receive the Grove prototype from Seeed Fusion and publish your final grove design project (including the testing & grove demos) on your own platform or hackster, we will share your grove project on all Seeed Studio social media (Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, Discord & Project Hub). If more than 20 people like your design and express the interest in purchasing the product, the original designer will win a $50USD cash prize.

  • Over $300USD Cash Prize waiting for you

If your Grove Sensor design is finally selected by Seeed Fusion and we’ll decide to co-produce it, the designer may license the product to Seeed for manufacture and sale, At the same time, the designer should also provide the Arduino, Raspberry PI or Micropython software library and the Getting Started article [for Specific software documentation requirements & examples].

  • Designers can choose to get a one-time cash payment more than $300, it depends on the margin of the Grove. 
  • Alternatively, you may choose to take a share of subsequent sales, monthly or quarterly (usually 50% of the gross profit of the product). The merchant of the product will give credit to the designer. In addition, if the board is qualified, the designer can directly brand your own personalized ID on the board and sell it on Seeed Bazaar.

Special Note: This table is a list of the Grove Sensors are working on by some designers from our community right now – to avoid duplication, you can skip the following Grove Sensors. We will synchronize the manufacturing process every two weeks for all the designers who are participating in the 2022 Grove Sensor Co-Design event.

Moreover, there are more than 80 designers participating in the event so far, and they have designed Grove Sensors in many different types and application fields, such as Grove-Magnetometer Sensor V1.0, Grove-wizfi360, Grove-Air Quality Sensor, Grove-Gas & Hydrogen Gas Sensor, etc. I also look forward to more designers who can use your ideas and talents to make this idea into reality.

What kind of Grove sensors do we prefer to see?

We hope that designers, developers, and embedded engineers from around the world will use your talents to supplement our currently vacant Grove Sensors or design what you think is the hottest Grove Sensor on the current market!

Co-Invent Grove Sensor we are looking for: 

  • Grove Sensors for the environment – to monitor the health of the environment or to be used with the SenseCAP series of industrial sensors
  • Grove Sensors implementing the latest technologies

Grove | The possibilities are endless!

Manufacturing and Assembling your Grove designs with the help of Seeed Fusion PCBA Service. Then, publish your Grove designs on your own platform and we would love to share them on Seeed Studio social media. 

 * By participating in this event, you agree to review your experience with us and allow us to share the design with the community on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, discord, blog, etc.). The design does not need to be open-sourced and production files will not be shared with the public (unless you want to). 

Don’t miss this opportunity and make your design a reality! 

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  1. I purchased the PocketBeagle Grove kit for a home IoT experiment. I’ve gone through the exercises and awkwardly found the appropriate version of IoT software to work with my hardware version. The next phase is to generate code to control the 2 channel relay board and 4 channel relay board. The Grove kit doesn’t provide an example for using a GPIO as an output. Is there an example of this? Also I’ve traced the python code back to compiled python modules, so reverse engineering the overall software architecture is awkward. Is there a high level description of the software and examples of how to install drivers for new modules. While I have general software experience, I am not familiar with device drivers. I’m an EE engineer so I’m familiar with hardware. It seems almost easier to drop back to figure out native port control vs. reverse engineering the Seeed driver pieces and dependencies. Can you point me to where I can learn the details involved here. Thank you.

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