Grove a Wish, and We’ll Make it Happen

Hey Seeekers,
Some of you might know that we used to have a Wish platform where your needs could be fulfilled. You could propose a product idea that you want but couldn’t find it at Seeed Bazaar, and Seeed will make it happen if the idea gets many votes from the community. It was so amazing to see how the power of the community turns so many ideas into reality through the Wish platform.
Illustrations for the Wish Platform
If you miss the platform as much as we do, here comes an exciting news: Wish is back as our ongoing 100+ Grove Modules Wish Campaign!
It’s been 8 years since we launched the first Grove module in 2010. Currently we have released more 200 Grove modules, including sensors, communication, displays, inputs & outputs, actuators, accessories and kits for different platforms. And we’ve been working to add 100+ Grove modules to expand the Grove system this year, we would love to invite your awesome ideas into this journey!
You could submit your ideas, inspirations or designs for a new Grove module by November 15th, 2018. Everyone in the community could vote for your submission by November 31st. And we will make the TOP 10 voted submissions into real Grove modules. To make it a more exciting news, the Top 10 participants will be rewarded with an Arduino Uno, Grove Base Shield and 3 new Grove modules too.
Getting excited? Submit your ideas now! Let’s together make it a place where the seed of creativity starts to grow.

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6 thoughts on “Grove a Wish, and We’ll Make it Happen

  1. It should be possible to make an I2C to SPI converter.

    I would also like to see Grove modules and connectors color coded.
    Digital, Analog, I2C, UART connectors should each be a different color. Colored labels could be used instead of colored connectors, especially for Legacy white connectors.

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