We Listen and Take Action #4: Be an Advocate of Open Source Development with Project Sharing

Open source has been a buzz word for years. With project-based or discussion-based platforms like Hackster or Element14,  anyone can jump feet first into hardware through knowledge sharing. 

With the mission of making hardware more accessible and lowering the threshold for hardware innovation, Seeed has always stood on open source’s side. On every product page, you can find the “Share Your Project” button just right above the Reviews section. 

(Take Wio Terminal’s product page as an example.)

Seeed also includes basic product information and learning resources to help the  community get started quickly with a specific product. Sure, it’s always good to have great makers working on their own projects, but that should not be the end of it! To really make amazing things happen and to go beyond expectations, communities should share ideas! 

Last week, we were inspired by a community member who expressed his desire to share his Plant Monitoring projects on the Wio Lite W600’s product page, so we decided to take this chance to re-introduce our “Share Your Project” section. 

This section is intended to provide a platform for emerging developers to showcase their projects, for newbies to learn and get inspiration from others and for potential buyers to explore and appreciate the possible applications. 

Every project shared provides the possibility of inspiring community members. The open source approach provides real added value for innovation by accelerating development. 

It only takes a few steps to share your project on Seeed:

  • Enter the project name and a valid project link
  • Fill out basic information you would like to share about yourself
  • After successful submission, your project will be reviewed and published in a few days.

The open source movement is the reason that technology has developed at such a breakneck pace for the past few decades. Without it, many of the technologies we take for granted today would never have been realized or would have been locked away behind closed doors.  Just click the button and be an advocate of Open source! 

Seeed has always intended to provide better products and services. Let’s Listen to your voice on our Wishing Well!

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