We Listen and Take Action #12: Seeed New EU Warehouse Now Open in Germany!

Updates on Nov 1st,

Dear customers, we’re glad to inform you that a new shipping method has been added which supports shipping to all of the 27 member states of the European Union!

In May this year, we opened a new warehouse in the UK which greatly improve the efficiency of our operation and serve the UK customers way more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Meanwhile, we also noticed the need for another EU warehouse to solve the problems of customs formalities, delays and costs that have plagued our EU customers all the time.

?Now, we’re excited to unveil our new European Union warehouse located in Germany! Opening in October 2022 and ready to lead our customer service to the next level.

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Why do we need our warehouse in Germany?

No Need for Clearance

Our international shipment must go through customs clearance before delivering to the customer. However, with the new EU warehouse, it will be greatly different due to the policy that European Union countries are exempted from customs clearance.

Reduced Shipping Costs

Shipping from our CN warehouse with DHL or FedEx would shorten the delivery time, however, the expensive shipping cost has always been a problem. So, opening the new warehouse in Germany will mainly reduce the shipping costs for you. We offer three shipping methods:

  • DPD_Classic_Domestic (3~6 working days)
  • DPD_Classic_International(5~8 working days)
  • DE_DHL_Paket_EU1(6~7 working days)

?Note: The DPD logistics method has shipping restrictions for certain countries.

All of the 27 member states of the European Union are supported (In form of Country Alpha-2 code): 


Better Customer Service

Shipping from CN warehouses may have a higher risk of package damage since the goods will go through a series of processes like export transportation, export customs clearance, origin processing, shipping, import customs clearance, destination processing, and import transportation. The EU warehouse will well reduce the package damage rate and avoid the difficulties of products return or exchange.

Flexible and More Diverse Product Range

Currently, we have sent the XIAO series, SenseCAP S210X series, reTerminal CM, Wio-E5 CAN Dev Kit, etc to our EU warehouse. Do you have any other products in mind that you want us to make available in our EU Warehouse? Comment to let us know!

We may open different overseas warehouses based on your needs, and make your voice heard in Wishing Well

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12 thoughts on “We Listen and Take Action #12: Seeed New EU Warehouse Now Open in Germany!

    1. Hi Gerhard,
      Thanks for the feedback. We will include WioTerminal in EU warehouse soon, stay tuned.

  1. Great news, but missing the Grove Creator Kits in the EU warehouse. Not sure about actual demand, but I’d be happy.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thanks for the feedback. We will include more grove modules and grove kit in EU warehouse. Stay tuned.

  2. Am I missing something cuz when I’m trying to add Seeed Studio XIAO it’s still just showing CN warehouse option

    1. Please check this page which includes all the stock in EU warehouse. seeedstudio.com/EU_Warehouse
      If it still only shows CN warehouse, please check you IP address. The EU warehouse stock is only available to European IP address. More question, feel free to contact our support team at order#seeed.io

  3. Great news!
    You could add products like:
    SKU 114992985: Wio ESP32 CAN Dev Kit
    SKU 102991674: CANBed DUAL
    SKU 113991054: Seeed Studio XIAO ESP32C3
    SKU 317990687: Wio-E5 Wireless Module
    And probably some XIAO adapter boards and Grove sensors.

  4. That is great news! I have been asking for a European warehouse for many years now. Congratulations for listening to the customers.

    1. Thanks for your always support for Seeed. We will keep improving based on our customers’ voice.

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