October 26-29: Seeed’s Field Application Engineer Will Be at ‘GOSH Gathering 2022’ in Panama to Organize 3 #IoT2Wild Workshops for Global Open Science Community!

To continue the avid #IoT2Wild discourse and our efforts on wildlife, biodiversity, and environmental conservation, we’d like to share a good news that Seeed’s Field Application Engineer, Mario De Los Santos, will be joining ‘GOSH Gathering 2022’ in Panama from October 26th to 29th, in an effort to organize 3 hands-on workshops on AI, IoT, Embedded Systems, and open source hardware design.


Dear Community,


Howdy, strangers! So, the word on the street is that #IoT2Wild initiative ignited by Seeed’s “IoT Into the Wild Contest for Sustainable Planet 2022” will still continue to broaden its scope and size to study and tackle the seriously-lacking, applicable, scalable, plug-and-play, and easy-to-deploy AIoT solutions for accelerating the sustainable digitalization to solve myriads of SDG challenges in the wild.


On this backdrop, to continue the avid #IoT2Wild discourse and our efforts on wildlife, biodiversity, and environmental conservation, we’d like to share a good news that Seeed’s Field Application Engineer, Mario De Los Santos (Figure 1), will be joining ‘GOSH Gathering 2022’ in Panama from October 26th to 29th!


Figure 1. Mario De Los Santos,
Field Application Engineer at Seeed Studio


Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘what’s the event about?’ So, here it goes. GOSH Gathering 2022 stands for global ‘Gathering for Open Science Hardware 2022’, which is an annual, on-site multi-stakeholder event that is dedicated to shape and deepen the future of open science through adopting hands-on, peer-learning, and impromptu learning in nature. Technologists, scientists, conservationists, artists, designers, and other various stakeholders from local and global communities will come together to organize or participate in a variety of #OpenTech4Science workshops, talks, biodiversity-exploring field trips and project implementation in the wild. By doing so, they are exposed to the latest collaboration, funding, research opportunities in the open tech realm (be it AI, IoT, AIoT, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, and Embedded Systems), through broadening their knowledge horizons and becoming empathic, sustainability-conscious global citizens. The non-profit organization behind this event is commonly known as ‘GOSH’ (which stands for ‘Gathering for Open Science Hardware’): a global online community of multi-stakeholders dedicated to making open science hardware ubiquitous by 2025.


So, what’s Mario planning to do at GOSH Gathering 2022? In simple terms, he’s going to organize 3 fun, hands-on workshops for you to actively participate:


Workshop 1: Develop IoT Projects in Minutes with Sensecap K1100 Kit for Environmental and Wildlife Conservation!



The objective of this workshop is to learn the basics of IoT, and develop an IoT solution prototype for environmental and wildlife conservation, either by collecting, recording, transferring various environmental data to the cloud, using the beginner-friendly IoT sensors and devices from SenseCAP K1100 Kit. Participants will learn about how to transfer the collected data to the cloud using The Things Network, send the data to Helium LongFi Network through SenseCAP M2 Data-Only LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway, and even faster and easier, use SenseCraft v0.2 – an open source software platform to build smart sensors without coding! That sounds like fun, yes? Then, come to this workshop with your laptop – along with Arduino IDE installed!


Workshop 2: How to Embed AI and IoT Using SenseCAP K1100 Kit?



Machine learning is proved to be an essential element in terms of data analysis and project predictions. This workshop will invite you to touch base on how to implement easy and fast Machine Learning (ML) algorithms from scratch using linear algebraic models. Indeed, this workshop encompasses A-Z basics of ML models. Using the existing frameworks and libraries, we will deep dive into the bonhomies of TinyML, Microsoft Azure, and IoT2Wild SenseCAP devices. More specifically, you’ll be able to: i) make a prediction algorithm to see the future results based on the real-time and chronological environmental data; ii) use TinyML with Wio Terminal and environmental sensors from SenseCAP K1100 Kit; iii) implement a vision algorithm using the Grove Vision AI Module; iv) embed an ML algorithm into an environmental monitoring system, and last but not least; v) publish individual/group projects on one of the world’s biggest open source project repositories – Hackster.io.


Workshop 3: Tailored Electronic Design – Create Your Own AIoT Sensors! 



Tailored electronic design is known as the foundation of the maker repertory, as well as a significant impetus in enabling sustainable manufacturing. Therefore, this workshop will be focused on: i) exploring the basics of electronic designs; ii) designing your own PCB circuit for IoT application scenarios using open source software; iii) completing the electronic design layouts to generate 3D views, and; iv) developing Gerber files for your own PCB that are ready to be manufactured. All in all, this workshop is planned to prepare the potential participants to continue their tailored electronic design ideas even after GOSH Gathering 2022, as well as to give them the basic understanding of how open source hardware can be fabricated through Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB & PCBA services.


That being said, we’re planning to write a follow-up blog in November, with regards to the outcomes of Mario’s workshops in Panama. Stay tuned for more updates in November! 😉

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