We Listen and Take Action #2: Let us Hear Your Voices!

Let us Hear Your Voices!

We have received lots of positive feedback from the community last week ever since we revised our global shipping fees to less than $5 for light packages (less than 200g). We really appreciate your continuous attention and support!

As we have always insisted, we like to listen to your opinions and take action!We will never ignore any comments, suggestions or even complaints and we are always seeking to improve your online experience in hopes of better serving the community.

With the re-organization and re-launch of our Wishing Well, we will be providing timely responses to any comments left there. In the Wishing Well, you can freely express any thoughts, such as your purchase experience on the Seeed website, the products and services you are looking forward to, suggestions for improvement, opinions on the industry etc. Not only will you be able to see our replies in the Wishing Well, but also interesting comments from other users. This is definitely a great opportunity to network with like-minded people in the community.

To express our gratitude, we will review the comments and give away discount coupons that can be used to purchase any product from Seeed’s official website ($10 OFF on orders over $100, limited to 200 commentors). Additionally, the first 50 commentors will be rewarded a limited edition Seeed T-shirt.

We look forward to the participation of all users. Join in by submitting your thoughts and suggestions to the Wishing Well. Your feedback, be it good or bad, will be used to create a better user experience for all.


1. Please log in to the Wishing Well System using the same email address you registered on Seeed’s official website, or else the issuance and usage of coupons will be affected.

2. The same user can only receive the coupon reward once.

We are always trying to improve our product and service guided by the people who we want to serve better:

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