Power Management Reference Design based on Seeed Studio XIAO

Designed as a complete microcontroller with all surface mount device (SMD) components placed on a single side, XIAO serves not only as a standalone development board but also as a versatile module that seamlessly integrates into larger compute systems. With its compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals, XIAO offers unique flexibility and reliability to empower engineers and makers to create excellents designs in the realm of power management and monitoring.

Solar PV Monitoring System Powered by Seeed Wio-E5 Module, XIAO RP2040 & Fusion PCBA Service

This design demonstrates how to build a LoRa-enabled solar power monitoring system. The system collects data from photovoltaic solar panels using XIAO RP2040 and transmits it wirelessly using Wio E5 modules. The data is then uploaded to a Qubitro cloud portal via Blues Wireless cellular IoT notecards in the base station. The system uses a Gravity I2C Wattmeter sensor to monitor the generated voltage and consumed power, a BH1750 Light Intensity sensor to monitor solar light intensity, and a Grove Temperature and Humidity sensor to monitor the temperature. Seeed Studio Fusion PCB Assembly service is used to design the system. The project aims to promote the use of solar energy by monitoring and conserving resources using LoRa-enabled systems.

Solar Charge Controller Powered by XIAO ESP32C3  

This is an open-source solar charge controller that aims to replace PWM charge controllers. This design uses two channels of synchronous buck converters, allowing for an efficient input and output. It can handle a high solar panel voltage of up to 90V, which also makes it budget-friendly. The design uses a Seeed Xiao ESP32-C3 module for sampling, calculating, and displaying the measurements on a 128×64 OLED display.

DIY Solar Panel Monitoring System Powered by XIAO ESP32C3

This design can monitor solar PV systems to track essential parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, power, and energy, through it you can optimize energy production, identify issues, and extend panel lifespan. The project emphasizes the importance of efficient monitoring for maximizing clean energy utilization and offers a valuable learning experience in electronics and programming.

About XIAO Series

XIAO Series Landing Page: https://www.seeedstudio.com/xiao-series-page

XIAO Series Reference Design: https://files.seeedstudio.com/wiki/XIAO/XIAO-Reference-Design.pdf

XIAO is a series of ready-for-production development boards with a compact design, thumb-sized form factor, powerful processors, and rich peripherals. As a complete microcontroller with all SMD components placed on the same side of the board, it is also a functional module that can act as a building block for larger compute systems to simplify designing and building complex electronic systems by providing a pre-integrated and tested platform. By adopting XIAO, you can focus on creating the unique features and functions of the system, without worrying about the time and effort involved in integrating and testing the individual components.

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