Home Assistant Green: the Easiest and Most Privacy-focused Way to Automate your Home

Home Assistant Green alongside Home Assistant Yellow and Home Assistant Blue

Want to transfer your cozy traditional home to a super smart one where everything is modern and connected, even if you are not a tech expert?

Home Assistant‘s latest release, Home Assistant Green, would be the perfect choice for you!

Home Assistant

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With a decade of experience in the smart home field, Home Assistant is the preferred software and platform for geeks who prioritize security and stability. Leveraging their coding skills and the ultimate pursuit of smart home scenarios, they can integrate almost all sensor devices, creating smarter and more convenient automation scenarios. Data and management are also kept locally to realize higher security and stability.

Nabu Casa Inc. founded in 2018 by the founders of both Home Assistant, released hardware products like Home Assistant Yellow back in 2021. However, these devices are clearly more suitable for tech-savvy enthusiasts. So, how can they make the product more user-friendly, easy to get started with, capable of controlling devices from different manufacturers, and still ensure security and stability?

On their 10th anniversary, the CEO of Home Assistant, Paulus Schautsen,  unveiled their visionary commitment to bringing the smart home concept to every household. This ambitious goal was embodied in the groundbreaking release of Home Assistant Green, a novel and innovative solution designed to transform the way we interact with our homes.


Unlike the previous Home Assistant Yellow, this Home Assistant Green is not only aimed at tech experts or professionals. The Home Assistant team wants to enable more beginners who are interested in and have a need for smart home connectivity and implementation but may be limited by their technical abilities to experience the joy of smart home technology.

Setting it up seemed like a breeze – just plug in the power and network cables, and you’d be good to go! The Home Assistant Green is the easiest way you can start using Home Assistant. It’s plug-and-play and comes with Home Assistant already installed. Plus, the Home Assistant Green device promised to automatically update itself to the latest Home Assistant version. Their mobile apps would guide her through the setup process, and they would even start recognizing your smart devices without any hassle.


The Home Assistant Green was incredibly versatile. It claimed to work seamlessly with popular platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and Amazon Alexa right out of the box. You could expand its capabilities by adding Home Assistant SkyConnect for Zigbee/Thread, Home Assistant Cloud for voice assistants, and third-party accessories to support additional smart standards. The fact that it could be expanded to support even more smart standards was a huge plus. There are over 2,500 built-in integrations, supporting a vast range of smart devices and online services, with the community regularly adding more. It meant users could control and automate all the smart gadgets from a single app.

Imagine you can effortlessly integrate a couple of intelligent switches and plugs, seamlessly connecting them to your Home Assistant Green. Your bedroom and kitchen will see a significant upgrade with the addition of a smart thermostat, ensuring ultimate comfort. Invest in a VOC sensor, compatible with Home Assistant, to monitor and enhance the air quality within your home. With a few simple plug-and-play installations, your home was transformed into a haven of automation and convenience, all achieved within a matter of hours. the ease of installation will be the icing on the cake that makes your smart home vision a reality.

Powerful and Privacy-focused Smart Hub

Plus, Home Assistant Green has a powerful 1.8 GHz Quad-core ARM processor with 4 GB RAM and 32 GB eMMC storage – just what you need for Home Assistant, and it makes Home Assistant Green the powerful smart home hub hardware. Also, the local data storage meant users’ information would stay private and accessible. You can trust Home Assistant to keep your device data both private from companies and accessible to you. It’s built by one of the world’s largest communities of open-source developers. That means new features and improvements are added every month, ensuring your smart home never lets you down.

Home Assistant Green specifications


Last but not least, the price of the Green Home Assistant was appealing. At just $99(MSRP), you can start your journey into the world of smart home automation remarkably swiftly and effortlessly, in an affordable way.

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