A Safer Tomorrow: reRouter is Enhancing Security Monitoring Solution

Visual alarm monitoring is widely used in various scenarios, including home, commercial, and industrial settings, such as employee safety monitoring in stores, garden security monitoring in homes, and inventory security monitoring in warehouses. It can provide real-time data and alerts, allowing users to quickly respond to any issues.

Through our collaboration with one of the system integrator partners, our reRouter is revolutionizing the security industry by helping numerous users upgrade their security equipment, thus providing them with a safer, more secure environment.


Seeed Hardware: reRouter, Raspberry Pi-based ODM service

Industry: Visual Alarm Monitoring

Solution Deployment: USA, Korea



Our partner is a leading system integrator specializing in state-of-the-art visual alarm monitoring solutions. With years of experience in the industry, they have been providing reliable and efficient security solutions to various industries. 


Their previous devices were based on Raspberry Pi Model 3, however, with the need to stay ahead of the competition and to expand their product line, they have decided to upgrade their devices with the latest technology – our Raspberry Pi CM4-powered reRouter.

The Challenge

Prior to using reRouter, our partner’s customers had already deployed edge devices with 4, 8, and 12 camera channels. However, as their customer base grew larger and their coverage area expanded, they need a device that could accommodate more cameras.


Additionally, as the number of on-site cameras increased, the edge devices needed to have more computing power, which is why upgrading from Raspberry Pi 3 to Raspberry Pi CM4-powered reRouter is necessary.


Furthermore, our partner’s software has always been based on Linux, so they need a device that could support the same operating system for easy software migration.

The Solution

Our reRouter has been customized to include Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 3.5mm jack audio capabilities, making it even more versatile as a bridge in the visual alarm monitoring system.


This customized reRouter function as a bridge in following ways, just to list a few:

1. Binding alarm inputs and cameras for video inputs

reRouter helps trigger video events when an alarm is activated, providing visual confirmation and enhancing the effectiveness of the alarm system

2. Pairing cameras with existing alarm panel zones

3. Converting video analytics alarm signals for central station response

Enabling fast and effective responses to potential security threats.

4. Line-level audio output for remote talk-down capability

Allowing operators to communicate with individuals on-site in real-time


The deployment diagram is as follows:

Why reRouter?

  • Raspberry Pi CM4-powered, Linux Compatibility
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernets ports perfect for multiple connection demand
  • Wall-mountable and excellent heat dissipation design, perfect for deployment in various locations and scenarios
  • Open for customization

Why Seeed Raspberry Pi Customization Service

  • Decades of ODM service for open-source hardware platforms
  • Raspberry Pi approved design partner
  • Shenzhen-based supply chain, fast delivery

The Results

Hundreds of reRouter has been delivered to the partner for their further deployment in end users’ home, commercial, industrial, education security scenarios. Both of the end customer and partner are think highly of our expertise and collaboration.

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