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Home - Artificial Intelligence Hardware

  • AI is a computer system or other machine able to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence... like learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion and even social intelligence and creativity.

  • Sipeed's purpose-built product series designed to run AI at the edge. Move AI models from cloud down to devices on the edge of the network where thay can run faster at lower cost, and with greater privacy.

  • Google Coral is working on a flexible development system that makes it easy for you to grow embedded AI products into reality. Coral works with the best of Google’s ML tools, TensorFlow Lite. Supported OS: Debian Linux.

Home - Beginner kit & W600

  • We have developed more than 280+ Grove Sensor modules covering a wide range of applications that can fulfill a variety of needs. Grove makes it easier to connect, experiment, and simplify the prototyping process.

  • The Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino (Raspberry Pi) is one of the best kits for beginners to get started with Arduino (Raspberry Pi).No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring.

  • Meet the W600 Module your new goto Wi-Fi solution.The W600 module features an ARM Cortex-M3 chip running freeRTOS, and it is pre-certified (FCC and CE).

Home - High-end developer kit

  • High-powered core board for the AIoT field. Explore wide selection from 96Boards and more different development boards.

  • RPLIDAR Series-360°Laser Range Scanner Kit The Best Way to Build Robot, including self-driving cars, robotics research, obstacle detection & avoidance, environment scanning and 3D modeling etc.

  • Bring developers end-to-end security for IOT devices.A mini size, more scalable and lower-cost development board enable by Azure Sphere Security Service.