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Our beliefs and Values

Since 2008, a small group of Seeeders who believe in ‘making technology readily available’ Since the establishment of a base called (Seeed) on Earth, after more than ten years hardships, surviving and developing in this extremely harsh planet. Today, more than 200 Seeeders are here to serve over 200k developers all around the world. It has continuously provided technical services such as R&D, Manufacturing, open-source hardware modules and IoT devices in the fields of perceptual networks and edge computing.

 We understand that the current achievements are thanks to those great Seeeder, do what is truly valuable to the world under the guidance of faith, If you have the same belief or faith, why don’t you join us, and have a fantastic journey with us?

How Seeed changed the world

We design and manufacture various hardware modules, IoT, edge computing devices, deliver new technologies to the public, and support them to create new things.

We help individuals or companies that lack hardware design capabilities to quickly realize prototype to mass production, saving them a lot of time.

We also provide the public with the environment and services to learn and practice these new technologies through makerspaces and our blogs.

We cooperate with global technology developers, technology manufacturers, partners and agents to build a maker


Who We Are Looking For?

Contact us

HR Email: [email protected]
Enterprise WeChat: 13686808527
Phone#: 0755-86095676


  1. Having passion on open-source hardware and having curiosity
  2. Hardware skills: CPU hardware design, circuit design, PCB design, EMC/reliability design.
  3. Software skills: C/C++, Python, Nodejs, Linux driver development, Cortex-M software development, Tensorflow, ResNet, DenseNet, VGG NIN, MobileNet;
  4. Able to communicate fluently in English
  5. Active thinking and keen insight into technology.

Recruitment: R&D, Marketing, Product Manager

We don’t stick to rules, but more value is the passion and pursuit of the industry, if you are interested in joining us, please contact us. More job details are as follows:


Highlights of Working at Seeed

Become a global supporter of innovation

Every product you design, manufacture, sell or support is used in innovative projects around the world.

Open work ambience

Open office environment and team ambience, flat organizational structure; we respect independent personality, a strong engineer culture, and focus on completing a challenging task together.

employee benefits

We provide a variety of different types of benefits, we have a variety of cutting-edge trends, and a variety of departmental crossover activities、cocktail party、BBQ、Balcony party、Travel、Sport club、Cultural societies (etc), are our daily routines, and we do not stick to mediocrity. It is certain that we are very different with other company.

How does Seeeder collaborate?

For the hundreds of Seeeder who serve global innovation, we face an uncharted territory leading into the future, so you won’t see rigid hierarchies and red tape here. Seeeder act collaboratively based on 4 simple values:


Have Courage and attitude to face the unknown


determination and efficiency to seize opportunities


Collaborate beyond expectations


Improve with partners, users, opponents

Employee Benefits/Office Environment

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