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The reaDIYmate main board is ideal for hassle-free internet of things projects. 

It's Arduino compatible and incorporates onboard Wi-fi connectivity, MP3 player and SD storage. It also features an audio amplifier, volume potentiometer and solder less connectors compatible with SEEED Studio Grove series. Its form factor is compatible with most Arduino shields.

You can build musical objects, wireless sensor gateways, fun toys and connected robots ... the possibilities are endless.

A set of open-source Arduino/AVR libraries specifically written for this board will be released when the first boards ship. They'll let you easily use the onboard components to play audio, post data to the internet, download files, etc.

The board also has a USB/HTTP dual bootloader: you can download your sketch from the USB interface as well as from your web server.

  • Arduino compatible
  • ATMega1280 microcontroller
  • Wi-Fi module: Roving Networks RN-171 
  • MP3 decoder VS1011
  • MicroSD card socket
  • 2W audio amplifier
  • Volume potentiometer
  • Dual colour red/green LED
  • 4 plug-and-play, solderless connectors compatible with Seeed Studio Grove series

If you encounter any problems when using this product, here is the contact from which you can get the technical support.


ArduinoMaker Pro Designer: readiymate
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Weight: 38 g
  • Instant WIFI Button of ASUS Router
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